Torn Between Two Worlds - 1996 - NSR
Reaching The Golden Gates - 1998 - Metal Blade

Dream Child image
S= GERARD FOIS>>Eternal Flight
G= Dominique Leurquin>>Rhapsody
B= Sylvain Cochet
D= Alain Blance

A French progressive heavy metal band, Dreamchild was formed in 1990 and released a demo in June, 1992 appropriately called First Visions.
Signing with NSR the band recorded Torn Between Two Worlds. The band had used studio time before recording the album to record another promotional demo called Create A New World. The follow-up album saw release via Metal Blade Records.
In 1999 Dominique Leurquin (guitars) and Alain Blanc (Drums) leave the fold. Jean-Luc Gurnaud is quickly recruited on guitars, but a drummer is yet to be found. A few months later and in the autumn of 1999 Metal Blade drops the band and bassist Cochet leaves the band. The new band played at the Metal Search Festival in October of 2000 alongside Chinchilla, Vanden Plas and others.
Leurquin joined Rhapsody in 1999. Fois took flight to Eternal Flight at the beginning of 2001. The moniker was taken from a song title from Dream Child's debut album. Blance formed a cover band.



Dream Child