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History & Biography
Not to be confused with the Malaysian band with the same name this band of Americans was formed in Los Angeles in 2006 initially as manslaughter. The band’s 2006 demo Through The Eyes Of Insanity was indeed issued under the manslaughter name. The band recruited Leslie Medina in late 2008. Shows with Master and Monstrosity followed for 2009. The group’s van broke down in Las Vegas during the touring. Dreaming Dead announced a tour opening for Immolation, Krisiun and others for 2010. California’s Dreaming Dead was looking to record a second album in the winter following its tour with Krisiun and Nile. Entitled, Midnightmares, the new album would be out in the summer or once the band finds a new label. Ibex Moon Records had issued the band’s debut, Within One. Dreaming Dead recorded a five-song demo to shop to labels in June of 2010. One track, Midnightmares, was uploaded to the band’s corporate website. Dreaming Dead and Exhausted Prayer embarked on a tour of the US West Coast in the autumn of 2010. The 10-date Fall Into Ruin tour trekked across Washington, Oregon, and California, ending in the City of Angels on Devil's Night. Dreaming Dead also released a video for Overlord from its forthcoming album Midnightmares. Dreaming Dead recruited lead guitarist Stephanie Pickard. She joined singer/guitarist Elizabeth Schall in the band. The Los Angeles-based band would enter the studio to record its new album Midnightmares in April of 2011. As first revealed here, Dreaming Dead would issue its new album Midnightmares on October 31, 2011 as a digital download. It was later released on CD. In mid-2012, Los Angeles-based death metal group Dreaming Dead added guitarist Chris McCarthy to the fold. Funeral Twilight was issued in February 2017. William Toledo was on bass. Impaled’s Leon del Muerte played bass for the band in 2013 and married Schall who used to be married to Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn. Morbid Angel, Misery Index, Dreaming Dead and Hate Storm Annihilation were touring the USA in April 2018. Origin substituted for Misery Index in May.


There is a lot going on inside Within One, but the most noteworthy is the preponderance of good riffs. Ibex Moon has struck gold with this Los Angeles-based death/thrash band. The strength of the band’s music and its aptitude for solid writing hits with the opening of Stairs Into The Vortex and does not cease. The music has multiple layers, the speed is ferociously fast yet takes deep gulps of stoic heaviness and the vocals - Glen Benton meets Angela Gossow - are above competent and often doubled up. The band is frequently engrossed with atmospheric and deeper moments and interludes, yet manages to recover with an intrepid pace and appetite for killer power. Putrid Is The Sky is a good example of this pattern. The band has a penchant for technicality that is just right. The varied guitars and the amazing/amusing drums take the band to a higher level most competitors cannot achieve, yet it never devolves into retarded silliness. Bonus points for the full-on heavy production.
Dreaming Dead features two women within its ranks, but they take no prisoners. They also prove that not all women have to be wimpy wrecks that managed to get signed despite their lack of talent or affront to heavy metal. Hello Francine Boucher et al! - Ali “The Metallian”

Dreaming Dead’s debut album Within One, released through Ibex Moon Records, was recently Metallian’s Album Of The Month. When the band’s Elizabeth Schall Elliot discovered this she contacted Metallian Towers leading to an interview with Ali “The Metallian”. The two discuss Dreaming Dead, women in metal and the merits of Black Sabbath versus Iron Maiden among other topics. Read on! - 20.11.2009

ELIZABETH: I'm late... sorry.

METALLIAN: Good morning. No problem and thanks for your time.
ELIZABETH: Yeah, absolutely!

METALLIAN: Let's cover the obvious first. Who formed the band and who is the leader? Why the name change from Manslaughter to Dreaming Dead?
ELIZABETH: Together Mike and I formed Manslaughter back in 2006 as a ”˜two-man’ band. I brought in all the guitar riffs and vocals and he added all the drums, which is the way we continue working to this date, yet Mike also contributes with guitar riffs here and there. Who's the leader? I don't know about being a leader, but I definitely keep us busy with all the administration and planning of the band. I wear a million hats in this band, which I'm totally OK with. At the same time, the guys provide their thoughts and together we make decisions as a band. Why the name change? Manslaughter was meant for an all-girl female thrash band. That was my intention in the very beginning. Within time the name felt silly and didn't work well with the band and our material. Plus, during that time we lost half of our members and once again became a two-piece band, so if we were going to make the change that was time to do it.

METALLIAN: Was there another name in the meantime or perhaps even before Manslaughter?
ELIZABETH: No, it was always Manslaughter. We had it all set up. We hired Leon del Muerte of Exhumed to put together our logo and design a website, we had and still have a ton of merchandise, our myspace page already had thousands of friends and we had already toured the U.S. once under that name, but we were about the record a full-length and despite all the efforts that entailed a name change I was adamant to go with it.

METALLIAN: So why Dreaming Dead?
ELIZABETH: H.P. Lovecraft. For three months, every morning and every night I'd read and scroll through his books in search for a name, a word, a title, anything that would guide me in the right direction. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I really believe in the law of attraction theory and used that for this. I'd sit in bed holding the book closed, close my eyes and create a mental picture of my music then use my hands to open up to any random page. Then one morning it happened. The name Dreaming Dead wasn't exactly written in the book but in a phrase those two words jumped at me and I immediately jumped out of bed to see if the myspace and .com were taken. To my surprise they weren't. The end!

METALLIAN: Law of attraction theory...
ELIZABETH: Have you seen or read The Secret?

METALLIAN: Unfortunately, no.
ELIZABETH: It's kinda involved. You gotta check it out. At the least it'll be an awesome read. It's related to Metaphysics. I believe that my mind is a very powerful instrument. If I can imagine it, I can become it and apply that idea to my day-to-day life.

METALLIAN: Are you religious?
ELIZABETH: No I am not. I was raised a Lutheran, but gave up on it many years ago. Even more so after checking The Zeitgeist. I don't discard the idea of there being a god. Although I do think of nature as a god. Look at

METALLIAN: You have had several line-up changes. First, given that several have been females, is it important to have women in your band? Secondly, you pointed out earlier that we are mistaken in having mentioned two particular members as full-timers. What was our mistake there?
ELIZABETH: Yes, we have had several line-up changes, especially in the guitar department. And yes, it's important that there be a gender balance in the band. After being in The Iron Maidens I really liked the idea of playing metal with other females. It just made things that much more special. Leslie Medina was our first attempt at having a second female guitarist. After going out on our first tour she and the band realized she wasn't the right person for the position. We then happened upon Samantha Perez and again after touring with her we decided she wasn't the right person either. Neither of the girls was full-time members being that they were on a ”˜we'll see what happens’ basis. Although we did take band pictures with these girls but that was to help promote the upcoming tours.

METALLIAN: So who is who now?
ELIZABETH: Aha! Well Mike Cafelli has always been the drummer and performs back-up vocals as well. Not to mention that he's also the sample operator. Juan Ramirez has been playing bass with us as a full-time member for almost two years now. We're currently a three-piece and are planning to stay that way.

METALLIAN: So have you given up on having another female in Dreaming Dead?
ELIZABETH: For our upcoming Nile tour we've enlisted Laura Christine of Warface and Meldrum to help us with the second guitar. I don't think I have given up on having another female. I'm hoping things will work with Laura and she will be down to join. So far it's looking really good. But we'll see. In the meantime we're having a great time jamming with her and interacting with her on a regular basis.

METALLIAN: How much of an advantage is it being a female in metal?
ELIZABETH: Guys have been shredding up the stage for decades. So have woman, but more and more are doing it nowadays. I don't necessarily see an advantage in being a female in metal. I see an advantage in being a talented female in metal because it just hasn't been done, yet. I'm really out to be the first ball crushing, dual female fronted on both guitars and vocals”¦

METALLIAN: How do you believe that you are the first talented female in metal? Ever heard of The Great Kat (coughs)?
ELIZABETH: Oh sorry, you misunderstood. I didn't mean it like that at all.... just the combo of guitars and vocals in the death metal scene. Of course, there are thousands of talented women. I've heard of The Great Kat. She is amazing, just a different style.

METALLIAN: Don't forget to read Metallian's interview with The Great Kat.
ELIZABETH: Oh for sure!

METALLIAN: How does Dreaming Dead obtain so many tours and endorsements and maintain so many industry contacts?
ELIZABETH: Well, I put together the first two national tours we were on myself contacting people on myspace or searching for contacts on the web. After that we hooked-up with Ibex Moon and they got us on the Master and Goreaphobia tour. I got in touch, via email, with Nile's management late last year and out of nowhere was offered this upcoming tour. Total win! The band actually doesn't have any endorsements, just the ones I've picked-up throughout the years with Fernandes and Dunlop. We'll probably pursue endorsements a bit more aggressively in the future, just not a priority for us right now. Although getting free shit, especially before this tour, would be amazing. All the contacts the band has are through me, people I've stayed in touch with, information of important leads, myspace, internet, et cetra. I keep all my contacts organized and network as effectively as possible. Did I mention I work in accounting as my day job?

METALLIAN: So you are the head banging accounts payable lady?
ELIZABETH: (Laughs) pretty much.

METALLIAN: Getting back to the 'female' questions, why, in your opinion, are there so few females in metal?
ELIZABETH: Because it's very manly? I mean I'm sure my deceased grandmother wouldn't think it's very lady-like to burp into a mike and windmill until your head spins off (laughs). But you know, right now in Los Angeles there are a ton of females in metal. Some are more productive with their bands then others but it is definitely a growing crowd. I'm like 'man, I gotta go home and work on my chops.' I love it! It feels good.

METALLIAN: OK, tell me about your music. Sounds like you guys are trying to produce a mix that melds brutal with the atmospheric. What do you think of this assessment? And why should fans buy into it?
ELIZABETH: Definitely trying to mix things up here. Variety is key while keeping things fresh and interesting and, yes, I think that assessment is correct about our material being brutal and atmospheric. Now, I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but it seems to be working. I feel we write riffs that are memorable while playing to our technical death metal standards. We really put our hearts into our music, which I think is really the only way to go if you want others to believe and connect with you.

METALLIAN: I assume from your surname that you are married. What does your husband think about your music?
ELIZABETH: Yes, I am married to my honey Charles. I'm not sure how he feels about my music. I think he kinda likes it!

METALLIAN: You mean you have never asked and he has never opined?
ELIZABETH: I mean we comment on each other’s riffs and live performances, but not about our music in an artistic sense. It's kind of a crazy.

METALLIAN: Here are a couple of fun question for you, Elizabeth. Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath?
ELIZABETH: Black Sabbath.

METALLIAN: Interesting that someone who was in the The Iron Maidens prefers Black Sabbath.
ELIZABETH: It's funny how I was never a huge Iron Maiden fan. The Iron Maidens management contacted my while I was in Winterthrall about auditioning for them. But whatever, so here's the deal Killers is my favourite album. I prefer Paul Di Anno over Bruce Dickinson. More punk, right? I love punk. Dead Kennedys is by far my favourite punk band. I'm gonna put them and I'm gonna smoke some weed. It's Friday. Happy day!

METALLIAN: Be careful, those accounts need to be debited and reconciled correctly!
ELIZABETH: I'm a pro!

METALLIAN: Slayer or Opeth?
ELIZABETH: That's a tough one. Slayer, but I love Opeth.

METALLIAN: What do you think of racism? or the current antipathy towards Hispanics in the United States?
ELIZABETH: I think it's bullshit. I grew up in Chile and the idea of racism was an extraterrestrial concept. It was just something that existed in other countries. But after living in two totally different groups of society, I've just come to the conclusion that everything is the same. Same drama, same stories, same jokes.
Antipathy towards Hispanics? The Hispanic population in L.A. is like seventy-percent or something huge like that. I love Mexican food. I love sushi too. I feel like Southern California, and California in general, is pretty relaxed on that front, for sure.

METALLIAN: The reason I asked was because I noticed that one of your 'friends' or 'adds' on your website has a sign that says something like 'English only... Hispanics return to Mexico.'
ELIZABETH: Oh yeah I did see that. That's the first time I've ever seen something like that. Did you notice where he was from? I'm gonna delete that right now. Some people are just ignorant

METALLIAN: The poor bastard doesn't know that California, and all the way into Oregon, was part of Mexico and all Hispanic or native until 150 years ago.
ELIZABETH: Small town folks just don't think of the world like someone that has traveled does, I suppose, or learn their history very well.

METALLIAN: Unfortunately, not. Elizabeth, can you fill in our readers with all your news and upcoming happenings? Feel free to spread any rumours.
ELIZABETH: Awesome commercial break. Alright kids, we're currently writing material for our next album entitled Midnightmares and are hoping to be in the studio soon after our return from the Nile tour. We will also be shooting a music video in support of the album and shopping around for a new label! So yeah, if you want to sign us hit us up on our myspace page. Our most current priority at the moment is preparing to head out on tour with Nile, Immolation, Krisiun and Abigail Williams for The Whom The Gods Detest Tour in January and February of 2010. I'd like to add that we're playing several off dates with Abigail Williams alone, so check those out on our myspace page in case you can't make the Nile shows.

METALLIAN: Thanks for your time. Anything to add for Metallian’s visitors?
ELIZABETH: Ali, it was pleasure. Hopefully some day we'll be out playing in your kingdom. Keep it brutal!

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