Future’s Calling - 2005 - Dockyard 1
Eye For An Eye - 2007 - Dockyard 1
Exit 49 - 2009 - Dockyard 1

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Dream Evil, Avalanche, Amaranthe>>JAKE E [JOACIM LUNDBERG]>>Dream Evil, Avalanche, Amaranthe

JOHAN ERIKSSON - Rusty Souls, NME Within, Metal Monarchs>>ERIC RAUTI>>Rusty Souls, NME Within, Metal Monarchs

Metal Monarchs, Rusty Souls>>MATS RENDLERT>>Rusty Souls, Metal Monarchs

Marcus Sköld - Nostradameus, Dragonland>>Jesse Lindskog>>Dragonland - ALEXX

History & Biography
Dreamland used to be called Infinity when it played at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2001 having been chosen because of its Crystal Age demo. A single named The Call followed and the band got the attention of Joacim Cans of Hammerfall. Cans and Andy LaRocque divided the production duties for the band’s debut. Sköld left the band in early 2006 and was replaced by Dragonland (which had utilized Andy LaRocque for production as well) and Nostradameus man Lindskog. A short tour with Nocturnal Rites and 220 Volt ensued. The group utilized the same production team as the debut for its second album. The band was booked for the Sweden Rock festival in 2007. Jake E had another dream when he played briefly in Dream Evil in 2005 and drummer Lindskog’s other 'land' is called Dragonland. Dreamland completed recording its Exit 49 album at Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studio. It was due for release on April 22nd, 2009 through Dockyard 1 Records.


The band will be lucky if the mostly masculine clientele likely to buy Dreamland’s debut album Future’s Calling finds the cover model alluring. The music is not going to mean much for power metal fans after all. Dreamland, and its label, are dreaming if they themselves believed that words like “unforgettable” or “outstanding” or “distinguished” or even “power metal at its best” apply to this disc. Fact is, while not terrible in any way, the group is weaker rehash of what is already out there with names like Dream Evil and Threshold. The vocals of Joacim Lundberg are pleasant and smooth, but they are too reminiscent of Hammerfall to matter. The music lacks grit and is almost too smooth at times. There are moments on songs like Destiny and A New Dimension that show real power, but these harder parts are the exceptions. A few more guitar leads like the one on A New Dimension won’t hurt either. The band’s emphasis is on pleasant melodies. The harmonies, the ballads and the smooth production on the album overwhelm the listener. Dreamland desperately needs to break away from its counterparts in the Swedish scene and get some roughage in its diet. - Anna Tergel