Trance-like State - 1997 - Rising Sun
Very - 1999 - Rising Sun
End Of Silence - 2004 - Massacre
5th Season - 2007 - Massacre
Everlight – 2012 - Silverwolf

Dreamscape image
S= Tobi Zoltan - Maeve Of Connacht, Scenes>>Huby Meisel>>Scenes, Book Of Reflections - Private Secret>>Roland Stoll – Mang/Mischa Mang, Ivanhoe>>Mischa Mang>>Mang/Mischa Mang, Ivanhoe, Kaisers Bart
B= Intestinal Infection>>Benno Schmidtler>>Intestinal Infection – Subsignal>>Ralf Schwager>>Subsignal
D= Bernhard Huber - Michael Schwager>>Affair - Treasure Seeker, Subsignal>>DANILO BATDORF>>Subsignal, Kaisers Bart
K= Crush, Persiflage, D-Lusion, D-Vision>>Jan Vacik>>D-Lusion, D-Vision, Serious Black, Blind Date – Subsignal>>DAVID BERTOK>>Subsignal, The Arc Of Light

Dreamscape’s line-up has changed consistently and has only seen guitarist Wolfgang Kerinnis left standing. The Munich-based (southern German) band was formed in 1986 by guitarists Kerinnis and Stefan Gassner and issued demos with inventive titles like 1993, Decisions and Changes. The group initially featured singer Tobi Zoltan, bassist Benno Schmidtler and drummer Andreas Angerer. Keyboardist Vacik joined after the release of Trance-like State. The group signed with Germany’s Rising Sun Records and moved on to Massacre Records two albums later. The band built its own Dreamscape Studio where others like Lanfear also recorded. Singer Meisel left the band in 2000 following a musical divergence with the rest of the group. He was soon heard on the Book Of Reflections project of guitarist Lars Eric Mattesson in 2004. A compilation called Revoiced did just that in 2005. Drums on this sampler were credited to Bernhard Huber, but the band’s skinsman by the time of release was Klaus Engl. The band was recording a new album in late 2008. The band asked singer Mischa Mang to leave the band at the beginning of 2009 and concentrate on Ivanhoe instead. The band was asking candidates for the job to apply by emailing singer@silverwolf-productions.de. At first the band was still hitting the road with Lanfear. A month later the band cancelled its planned tour with Lanfear following its inability to find a singer in time. The band’s next record came out in 2012 and was on Silverwolf. Multiple vocalists (Erik Ez of Platitude, Mike DiMeo of Riot V, Arno Menses of Sieges Even and more) acted as guest. Frank Marino became the band’s permanent singer before dissolution. The band had become a Subsignal side-project at this point.


Revoiced, unsurprisingly, is the reworking of Dreamscape’s older material from its first two albums presented here with the current line-up as a new recording. The band sounds close to Dream Theater in many respects and even hints at Saga at different times. There are seven thorns on the cover of the disc’s illustration, yet the music of the German band is hardly bass guitar-oriented. It is the vocals and keyboards that dominate. Indeed, at first my thinking was that the band is Italian. As with may progressive Italian bands Dreamscape is very partial to the Americans progressive metallers.
Revoiced is honestly better judged by fans of the band or those who are familiar with the group’s previous work. Since none at Metallian Towers fell into the category one should emphasize the competence and strong sound as well as the lack of originality of the material. The odd guitar solo demonstrates a strong ability to deliver, but these leads are surprisingly rare. - Anna Tergel