Viscera – 2014 - Coyote
From The Deep Of Rotten – 2018 - Bizarre Leprous

Dr. Gore image
S= Perfidy Biblical, Buffalo Grillz>>ALESSIO PACIFICI>>Buffalo Grillz

G= Murders Calling>>MARCO ACORTE>>Murders Calling - LUIGI LONGO

B= Buffalo Grillz>>ALESSIO PACIFICI>>Buffalo Grillz

D= Perfidy Biblical, Buffalo Grillz>>MASSIMO ROMANO>>Buffalo Grillz

History & Biography
This Rome-based gore metal band was founded in 2002, but only issued a demo called Rigore Mortis in 2008. The band was initially focusing on covering the likes of Napalm Death and Mortician. The Rotting Remnants full-length demo appeared in 2012. The group issued an album through Coyote of Russia. Italy-based Dr. Gore had a new album called From The Deep Of Rotten out through Bizarre Leprous Production in the spring of 2018.

Dr. Gore was also the name of a Mortician song.



Dr. Gore