Brutalize - 1994 - Distortion
Total Fucking Hate - 1995 - Distortion
Fuck The World - 1997 - Kron-H
Reality Bites - 1998 - Kron-H
And The Winner Is... - 2001 - Kron-H
Cold Cheap And Disconnected - 2002 - Osmose
The 4Q Mangrenade - 2005 - Osmose

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The Perukers, Black Uniforms, Moderat Likvidation, Aniticimex>>CLIFF - The Perukers>>Rigo

The Perukers, Black Uniforms, Moderat Likvidation, Aniticimex>>CLIFF - Black Uniforms, Virgin Sin>>Andy - Kurbits I.R.>>ADAM

Black Uniforms, Anticimex>>Manuel- Black Uniforms, Virgin Sin>>Andy -Svend - Henke - Flegma>>Rikard - CHRISTOPHER

Atom Vinter, Libresse>>Christer - Flegma>>Martin - Final Holocaust>>Selle - Flegma>>Rikard - A.I.S>>JOHAN ASP

History & Biography
With above average number of line-up changes (even for a Swedish band!), Driller Killer forged on with next to no publicity. The band had several split-EPs with the likes of Impaled Nazarene and Instinkt to its name.
Driller Killer is a thrashcore band. Driller Killer was also the title of a horror movie.
A.I.S., the early-90's band of drummer Johan Asp, where he played guitar, also featured a couple of members of The Forsaken. Using the Cold, Cheap And Disconnected moniker, Driller Killer and Morgue toured Europe during October and November of 2002. Driller Killer filmed a video for the song Breaking Traditions for the Swedish TV series Mutant. This video was characterized as a 'teaser' and not a full-length one!
In 2004, the band had to cancel its European tour due to miscommunication and ineptitude on the part of the tour's promoter. In late 2005 Osmose announced a new album called The 4Q Mangrenade. The band’s line-up was ostensibly is Klyph on vocals, Adamagecase on guitar, Asparagus on drums and Christ Of Fear on bass. The band coincidentally had both its US and European tours cancelled by organizers in late 2006 and early 2007.



Driller Killer