Bonegrinder – 2001 - Cogumelo
Butchery Age – 2003 - Cogumelo
By The Grace Of Evil – 2004 - Cogumelo
Bio-Violence – 2006 - Cogumelo
Butchery Age Live – 2008 - Cogumelo
Belligerent - Part Two: Death and Greed Are United – 2011 - Cogumelo
Belligerent - Part One: The Killing State of the Art – 2012 – Metal Soldiers
7th – 2018 - Cogumelo

Drowned image

Kerley Ribeiro - Vorticis>>Rafael Porto>>Vorticis - MARCOS AMORIM - RAFAEL PORTO

Rodrigo Nunes>>Perceptor, Eminence - Wesley Ribeiro>>Hammurabi, Hell's Punch, The Mist - Rafael Porto - Perceptor, Eminence>>RODRIGO NUNES

Walpurgis Night>>BETO LOUREIRO

History & Biography
The death and thrash metal band was founded in 1994 and released a demo called Where Dark And Light Divide… four years later. The debut record was released in 2001. The demo tracks re-appeared here. Guitarist Thiago Rodrigues was already gone. Bassist Rodrigo Nunes left in 2006, but re-appeared in 2019. Rafael Porto was handling the bass.

Drowned’s 2018 album was released on June 15th through Cogumelo Records. Its title did not begin with the letter ‘B.’ The band was founded in 1994 and issued its Where Dark And Light Divide... demo in 1998. Butchery Age Live was recorded in 2003. Background Soundtracks Vol. 1 was a covers’ CD in 2020. Confinement By Sickness (The Quarantine Sessions) was a 2020 EP. Doctor Horror Medical Group was a 2022 demo. The songs also appeared in the 2022 full-length demo, Recipe Of Hate.

Drowned was the name of an early song by Entombed. The band’s line-up has been relatively stable over the years.