Forgotten Legends - 2003 - Supernal
Autumn Aurora - 2004 - Supernal
Lebedynyy Shlyakh (The Swan Road) - 2005 - Supernal
Krov U Nashykh Krynytsyakh (Blood In Our Wells) - 2006 - Supernal
Estrangement - 2007 - Supernal
Microcosmos - 2009 - Supernal
Handful Of Stars - 2010 - Season Of Mist
Eternal Turn Of The Wheel - 2012 - Season Of Mist
A Furrow Cut Short - 2015 - Season Of Mist
Їм часто сниться капіж (They Often See Dreams About the Spring) – 2018 – Season Of Mist
All Belong To The Night – 2022 – Season Of Mist

Drudkh image
S= Astrofaes, Hate Forest, Kladovest>>THURIOS [ROMAN BLAGIH]>>Astrofaes, Hate Forest, Kladovest
G= Hate Forest, Dark Ages, Blood Of Kingu, Rattenfänger, Precambrian, Windswept>>ROMAN SAENKO>>Hate Forest, Dark Ages, Blood Of Kingu, Rattenfänger, Precambrian, Windswept – Astrofaes, Old Silver Key, Rattenfänger>>THURIOS [ROMAN BLAGIH]>>Astrofaes, Old Silver Key, Rattenfänger
B= Astrofaes, Blood Of Kingu, Deliberate Chaos, Rattenfänger, Precambrian, Windswept>>KRECHET>>Astrofaes, Blood Of Kingu, Deliberate Chaos, Rattenfänger, Precambrian, Windswept
D= Yuriy Sinitsky - Astrofaes, Lucifugum, Underdark>>Amorth [Mykola Sostin]>>Astrofaes, Lucifugum, Underdark, Thunderkraft, Nocturnal Amentia - Old Silver Key, Blood Of Kingu, Deliberate Chaos, Pragmatik, Rattenfänger, Precambrian, Windswept>>VLAD [VLADISLAV PETROV]>>Blood Of Kingu, Deliberate Chaos, Pragmatik, Rattenfänger, Precambrian, Windswept

Hailing from Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine near the border with Russia this band is especially susceptible to singing about Slavic pride with Sanskrit and pseudo-racist jingoist imagery and lyricism. Oddly, the Ukrainian nationalists have no qualms with English lyrics or titles or foreign labels. The folk/nationalist band was formed in 2002 by guitarist Saenko and immediately decided upon complete obscurity by avoiding photography and choosing to work with Supernal Music. It was only until the release in 2009 of Microcosmos through France’s Season Of Mist (Ace Frehley and Mayhem) that the group received some publicity.

Northern Heritage often distributed the band’s music, while other projects by the members were on the No Colours label. Forgotten Legends was re-issued by Season Of Mist in 2009. Amorth replaced Yuriy following the release of Forgotten Legends. The band announced a forthcoming 2014 split EP with Winterfylleth, to be released on January 17th. The EP, entitled Thousands Of Moons Ago/The Gates, featured four tracks and showcased both bands covering songs from their earliest stylistic influences. Ukraine’s Drudkh had a full-length, called A Furrow Cut Short, out through Season Of Mist on the 20th of April 2015.

Thurios picked up the guitar in 2018. Drudkh uploaded a song called November in September 2022. The song was taken from the upcoming All Belong To The Night album, which would see the light of day on November 11th.

Drudkh means ‘wood’ in Sanskrit. The band has a policy of not giving interviews or shows. The other rule is that each member has to be in a dozen simultaneous side-projects and spend time in Rattenfänger, Precambrian and Windswept.


Sure, the band’s nationalism, jingoism and gimmickry offend the natural metal fan in me, but there is little denying how the band’s folk-oriented sound melds itself into the overall metallic delivery like a glove. It is sad that the band harbours illusions of Ukrainian national bla bla, yet the overall sound and delivery reeks of confidence and is probably as original as it gets without - and this is key - resorting to wimpy instrumentation like flutes and piano. The album’s into is folk and Ars Poetica merges folk melodies into the overall racket, although the material remains acceptable to fans of more serious or heavy material. The vocals are rough, yet minimized everywhere in favour of instrumentalism and atmosphere. Guitar solos are minimized and what there are could easily be considered neophyte.
Opeth meets Wolves In The Throne Room and then gets lost somewhere in Ukraine if you may then! Oddly, the band’s album is called Microcosmos while the album’s cover photograph depicts mountains and a natural vista. Shades of 2001 perhaps? - Ali “The Metallian”