Descamisados>>D.S.K. - FRANCE

Anything To Add? - 2004 - Aberrant
...From Birth - 2004 - Thundering
Oppressed/Deformed - 2006 - Thundering

DSK image
S= Blinding Fear>>NICOLAS BOURY

G= Blinding Fear, Vakarm, Burgul Torkhaïn>>BENOÎT MORITZ>>Burgul Torkhaïn - Tridus Elasticus>>PIERRE ANTONIK>>Tridus Elasticus

B= Blinding Fear, Brutal Coco>>KEVIN LEBAS

D= Blowdead, Blinding Fear>>>>MARC LE GIGAN

History & Biography
The group was formed in thrashier mode in 1997. Disruption of Soul and Kind was initially Descamisados and issued a 1998 demo called In Cold Blood. The Frenchmen initially featured guitarist Olivier Delplace, bassist David Galimid and drummer Sébastien Bizet. A self-titled demo followed in 2000. The group recorded an EP called Ultra Death Metal in 2003 before moving on to two full-lengths in 2004. Oppressed/Deformed was recorded in 2006 at Studio 4.


When a band calls its album Oppressed/Deformed it is a reasonable assumption that the group is political. Throw in the 'term' hardcore in there and it all comes together. DSK, though, denies it. The band does not do politics it insists. Never mind the bounded hands on the cover!
DSK is described by its official biography as a mixture of grindcore, hardcore and death metal. Right, you are. Much of the music is sloppily played high-speed madness that incorporates hardcore yelling, brutal growling and Napalm Death grinding. Instances of Morbid Angel technicality and atmosphere are there too. The songs are average, but unfortunately made worse by the loose drumming. On the plus side deathcore lovers seeking variety and extremeness have another choice with Oppressed/Deformed. - Ali “The Metallian”