Wretched Host – 2015 – Selfmadegod

Dystrophy image
S= Semper Tyrannis>>GREGORY BUENO

G= Contra Fate, Windfaerer, Painted Rust>>PETER LLOYD>>Contra Fate, Windfaerer, Painted Rust, Replicant – Ophidius>>PETER BROWN>>Ophidius, Hath

B= Semper Tyrannis>>GREGORY BUENO>>Lacerated

D= Sea Creature>>MATTHEW THOMPSON>>Replicant, Kicking Spit

History & Biography
For the autumn of 2015 New Jersey-based technical death metal/thrash metal quartet Dystrophy signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records to release its second full-length in November. The album was called Wretched Host. The band was formed in 2007. Its 2008 demo was called Resurrection In Decay. Spiral Of Silence and Demo 2009 followed. 2010 brought a full-length demo called Chains Of Hypocrisy. The band had a split with Dethroned Emperor in 2012 through RTF Records. This group disbanded in 2017. Two members found their way to Replicant.