Bullshit – 2012 – Street Symphonies
Ways Of Perseverance – 2016 - Street Symphonies

S= Franky - NICO
B= Bona - VALE

This Italian band began life in 2009 as a run-of-the-mill cover band before issuing a five-track demo in 2011. Street Symphonies released the Bullshit disc in 2012. It was recorded at Atomic Stuff Studio. Vale replaced Bona.

In mid-2014 Italian hard rock band Easy Trigger recruited frontman Zekimmortal. The new man had been involved in the rock scene for twenty years with bands like Maelström, Lokomotiv Human Propellent and Gen. Marrone. Zek and the rest of the band were working on a new full-length. In early 2015, Ex-Raw Power drummer Fabio “Pane” Ferrari and guitarist Roby Rubinho (Molotov Cocktail and Frastuono Urbano) were the two new members of Easy Trigger. The band was in the studio recording a new album. Italian hard rock band Easy Trigger announced the arrival of new frontman, Nico. The band was at Hate Recording Studio to record a new full-length album with producer Maurizio "Icio" Baggio. Ways Of Perseverance was to be published in September through Street Symphonies Records. The band played Overloud festival 2018.


Boy is the title wrong and boy is it so in character with this bunch. The band is Italian, but satisfies by drawing insight from Kix, Love/Hate and likely Guns N’ Roses. What is quickly obviously though ladies, gentlemen and headbangers is that whatever and whoever brought Easy Trigger to today this band supplies its own energy. These guys go off fast and furious like dynamite with so much vigour that it’s like fuel for the heart and adrenaline for the muscle. Yes, it is hard rock - really.
A Good Night To Kill is only a creepy intro, which leads to Hatesphere one of the album’s heaviest songs. When it gets rumbling it is thrashy almost. The title track is the other heavy song. The intro though someone quickly picked up as identical to Judas Priest’s Painkiller. The band draws own in two spots. One is Smokers Die Younger. One hopes this is not tongue-in-cheek. The subject matter is too important. The other is The Dreams. These are not bad tracks, but demonstrate how the anthemic and energetic songs are the guys’ coup. Sex Sex Sex and Rocket Girl are pump-your-fist-in-the-air hard rock and are at home with the best of 1989. The song 911 was supposedly written after a bout of drunkenness and verbal abuse of a cop. The production is good and the cover and back artwork are cool. Time to find out if these boys have other CDs out there. Just too bad about the short hair, guys. - Sheila Wes Det


Easy Trigger