The Truth And A Little More - 2001 - Z
Second To None - 2003 - Frontiers
Are You Ready To Rock - 2008 – Frontiers
Bleed & Scream – 2012 – Frontiers
Armageddonize – 2015 – Frontiers
Monumentum – 2017 – Frontiers
Paradigm – 2019 – Frontiers
Wired – 2021 - Frontiers

Eclipse image
S= Amaze Me, Brazen Abbot>>ERIK MÅRTENSSON>>Amaze Me, Brazen Abbot
G= W.E.T, Gathering Of Kings, Nordic Union>>ERIK MÅRTENSSON>>W.E.T, Gathering Of Kings, Nordic Union – W.E.T., Tiamat>>MAGNUS HENRIKSSON>>W.E.T., Tiamat - Johan Berlin
B= Incardine, Unleashed>>Fredrik Folklare>>Unleashed, Necrophobic. Fireborn, Firespawn, Dead Kosmonaut, Firecracker - Magnus "Dynamite" Ulfstedt – Crash, Wolves In Haze, Alphabats>>VICTOR CRUSNER>>Wolves in Haze, Alphabats
D= Witchboard, From The Sky, Abstraction>>Magnus Ulfstedt>>Torch – Black Ladies, Prey, Gathering Of Kings, Sabaton, Twilight Force, Billion Dollar Babies>>Robert Bäck [Robban Bäck]>>Billion Dollar Babies, Twilight Force, Gathering Of Kings, Sabaton, Prey, Mustasch, Autumn’s Child – Crash>>PHILIP CRUSNER>>Crash
K= Timescape>>Johan Berlin

Erik Mårtensson formed this band in Stockholm in 1999. The singer produced a four-track demo and landed a deal with UK’s Z Records. With Henriksson and Berlin in the band, the group completed The Truth And A Little More. This debut featured guest spots by Europe guitarist Kee Marcello and Yngwie Malmsteen’s Mats Olausson. The second album came out through Frontiers and featured bassist Folklare and drummer Magnus Ulfstedt. The line-up changed and the group went into hiatus until the summer of 2007. The new album was reportedly written in one week. It was issued in America by Blistering Records USA. The sole remaining members were Erik and Magnus. Magnus "Dynamite" Ulfstedt was the drummer from 2000 to 2006. He returned on bass in 2014. Philip Crusner joined on bass in 2015. Vicke Crusner became the bassist in 2019. He is Erik’s younger brother.

Magnus and Erik from Eclipse appeared as extras in this music video for Russian singer Irene Nelson.


Nowadays the term ”˜hard rock’ is used interchangeably with 'melodic rock' and just plain rock music of whatever kind. Eclipse is out to change that. On album number three the Swedish band puts the 'hard' back in 'hard rock' with an album that screams, wails and rocks to no end. There really is no end to it.
The singular characteristic of Are You Ready To Rock is how the entire thing is upbeat. These guys have packed enough energy on this disc to power half the roster of its record label. The music is melodic enough and never loses sight of what it is, say on To Mend A Broken Heart, yet it is the type of output that is increasingly scarce in the sea of weak and uninspired releases. The album contains no dud. The opener Breaking My Heart Again, the very hard Hometown Calling with its fabulous guitar work, the Stratovarius-like Under The Gun and Million Miles Away are just some of the great cuts here.
For comparison purposes imagine Europe’s debut album, some David Coverdale vocals and the speed and energy of Pretty Maids all rolled into one container to get a grasp of the disc. Wylde One is more L.A.-ish, but no less powerful of course. The cover artwork is a letdown when compared to the wild vocals and brash music, but who knows if the band is inspired by Loudness or Tokyo Blade? The album is a gem. This is what Jörn wishes he could write. - Anna Tergel