Fractured In The Timeless Abyss – 2012 - Hellthrasher
Rituals Of Hallucination – 2013 - Ritual Ugliness
Dark Abstraction – 2015 - Hellthrasher

Ectovoid image
S= Ritual Decay, Condukator>>C.B. [CHUCK BRYANT]>>Condukator, Ritual Decay

G= Sadistic Ritual, Vimur, Haunting>>C.S. [CHARLE SOUTHERN]>>Sadistic Ritual, Vimur

B= Ritual Decay, Condukator, Seraphic Entombment>>C.B. [CHUCK BRYANT]>>Condukator, Ritual Decay, Seraphic Entombment

D= Meathole Infection, Bloated Carcass, Condukator, Cemetery Filth, Exaugurate, Seraphic Entombment, Father Befouled>>C.M. [CHRIS MCDONALD]>>Condukator, Cemetery Filth, Exaugurate, Seraphic Entombment, Father Befouled

History & Biography
The death metal band came together in the dumps of Alabama, USA in 2010. The 2011 demo was called Breathing Blackness. An album came out in 2012. Guitarist Michael Stewart left in 2014. Ectovoid’s Inner Death 7″EP/tape was out through Blood Harvest on 18.01.2019.

R.S. of Seraphic Entombment joined on bass in 2021. The act was writing and subsequently recording a new album in 2023. Simultaneously, the members were working on music for Seraphic Entombment.