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History & Biography
US metal act August Redmoon, a Los Angeles-based band, released a 5 song EP in 1982 called Fools Are Never Alone on the Metalworks label. In 1983 the band changed its image and name and recorded a demo using the Terracuda monicker. This line-up did not last and internal conflicts forced the band's hand.

Eden was the follow-up act featuring Michael Henry and David Young from the last line-up. This was May, 1984. Eden recorded a five-song demo featuring the songs Pound It Out, The Bigger They Are, Gone Too Far, The Looking Glass and Victim Of The World. Bob Nalbandian of The Headbanger zine managed the band now. Eden released an album through the local label Enigma and Henry was replaced. Henry went on to Armed Forces and became a metal promoter/journalist before succumbing to cancer in 1998. The album was supposed to feature Dave Henriod on bass, but Gary Winslow (of August Redmoon and Terracuda) was called in because Henriod was having a tough time in the studio.

With label turmoil and line-up shuffles all coming down at the same time, the band was released from Enigma. Lenny Spickle replaced Michael Henry on guitar and Mike Stone stepped in as the new singer. This line-up recorded a new demo.

Germany's High Vaultage label released the band's album on CD plus bonus demo songs in 2003. Mike Stone joined Queensrÿche in 2003. The band, with Lenny Spickle in the line-up, began auditioning singers for a reformation. In 2004, featuring new singer Augie Madrigal, the band began working on a new album called Metal For The Millennium which was due for release in January, 2005 through Elkcips Productions. Tracks included Hot Rods To Hell, The Deep and Suicide. Guitarist Dave Van Heusen replaced Rick Scott Crocco in late 2004. Following a few setbacks, the album was not released. The band opted for releasing a four-song EP, again called Metal For The Millennium, and a DVD later in 2005. Once again, nothing was released, but the band, now featuring drummer Kurt Custer, announced a show with Leatherwolf on Thursday June 15th, 2006 at The Galaxy Theatre in the Los Angeles area. Original guitarist Rick Scott Crocco died on December 3rd, 2006 for unknown reasons.

Judgement Day was a 2012 EP through Hellion Records. Pat Ryan was the singer. The band became August Redmoon again in 2013. This band issued a demo in 2016 and became inactive.