Sunrise In Eden - 2000 - Massacre
Arcana - 2001 - Massacre
Aphelion - 2003 - Massacre
A Livetime In Eden - 2004 - Massacre
Shine - 2005 - Massacre
The Grand Design - 2006 - Massacre
MyEarthDream - 2008 - Napalm
LiveEarthDream - 2009 - Independent
Solitaire - 2010 - Napalm
The Bonding - 2013 - SPV
The Great Momentum – 2017 - SPV
Dynamind – 2019 - SPV
Shangri-La- 2022 - AFM

Edenbridge image
Cascade, Missa Mercuria, Voiciano>>SABINE EDELSBACHER>>Missa Mercuria, Voiciano

Solo>>ARNE 'LANVALL' STOCKHAMMER>>Solo - Andreas Eibler - Robert Schoenleitner - Olembus, In Slumber, Shadow’s Grey, Thirdmoon>>DOMINIK SEBASTIAN>>Thirdmoon

Kurt Bednarsky - Frank Bindig - Distaste, In Slumber, Olemus, Disbelief, Eisblut, GodHateCode, Thirdmoon, Zombie Inc.>>Wolfgang Rothbauer>>In Slumber, Olemus, Disbelief, Eisblut, GodHateCode, Thirdmoon, Zombie Inc., Musical Massacre,Purgatory, Reek Of Martyr – Crystallion>>STEVE HALL [STEFAN GIMPL]>>Crystallion

Roland Navratil>>Atrocity, Dignity - Olembus, In Slumber, Legacy Of Hate>>Max Pointner>>In Slumber, Legacy Of Hate – Bereavement, Thirdmoon, Woodtemple>>JOHANNES JUNGREITHMETER>>Bereavement, Thirdmoon, Woodtemple

History & Biography
Edenbridge was formed as a studio progressive hard rock band by Austrian musician Lanvall, who had already several solo albums to his name in Japan, in 1998. Signed to Massacre Records, the debut was mixed and finished by Dennis Ward. Georg Edelmann joined the band as rhythm guitarist soon after the release, but didn't last in the fold.

This band was best suited for pomp rock fans.

Arcana was again engineered by Dennis Ward who had also taken the band on tour as support for Pink Cream 69. A Brazilian tour was cancelled in 2002 due to the fluctuations in the Brazilian currency.

The band lost its bassist and initiated a search for a replacement in the spring of 2004. The Grand Design was licensed by Napalm Records for America. The group recruited live guitarist Robert Schoenleitner as a full-time member and added Sebastian Lanser on drums in 2007. The band’s The Chronicles Of Eden compilation was released at the same time. Guitarist Robert Schoenleitner left in 2007 due to work pressures. Bassist Frank Bindig left the band in October of 2008. Replacements candidates were asked to email the band at info@edenbridge.org. In the meantime, the band was to issue a live album called LiveEarthDream the spring after through its own fan club. Bassist Simon Holzknecht left Edenbridge "due to personal reasons" in the winter of 2010. The band was seeking a replacement in Austria and could again be reached at info@edenbridge.org. The band’s Solitaire album was still due in May.

The group signed a worldwide deal with Steamhammer in 2013. The band's next album, The Bonding, would be released on June 21st. The Bonding was mixed by Karl Groom of Threshold at Thin Ice Studio in Surrey, England.Edenbridge was in the studio recording its next full-length album, The Great Momentum. The album was to be released through Steamhammer/SPV in February of 2017. Edenbridge released a new album, called Dynamind, through Steamhammer/SPV in October. The Austria-based pop/metal act signed with AFM Records and was working on a 2022 album. Shangri-La was due in the summer. The band was confirmed For 70000 Tons Of Metal 2024. The 25 Years Anniversary Tour included performing songs from all eleven studio albums. The shows were to be supported by Switzerland-based female Fronted bands Deep Sun and Devilsbridge.


I have no doubt that Edenbridge and the like are popular in Europe and the usual suspects, like Rock Hard, Metal Heart et al, have accorded the band the standard high marks. Furthermore, no one will be shocked to find out this stuff is gaining in popularity in Canada as well. Still, the weariness grows. As metal fans it is so hard to get accustomed to all this K&F (Keyboard and Female vocals), clean and fluid melodies and sanitary productions. Surely the musicianship is good and the sound crystal clear, but it is ever so difficult to take this stuff seriously when one knows all it amounts to is a Euro-fad. Strictly for Nightwish fans. - Ali "The Metallian"