Eden’s Curse - 2007 - AFM
The Second Coming - 2008 - AFM
Trinity - 2011 – AFM
Symphony Of Sin – 2013 – AFM
Live With The Curse – 2015 - AFM
Cardinal – 2016 - AFM

Eden’s Curse image
S= Seven Ten>>Michael Eden>>Seven Ten, Eden’s Curse USA - Burnin’ Dolls, Jackhammer, Pathosray, Fairyland>>Marco Sandron>>Pathosray, Fairyland - Alogia, Dreyelands, Expedition Delta>>NIKOLA MIJIĆ>>Alogia, Dreyelands, Expedition Delta
G= Attack, Code Of Perfection, Aterial>>THORSETN KÖHNE>>Code Of Perfection
B= James LaBrie>>PAUL LOGUE>>James LaBrie
D= Killers, Paul Di’Anno, Seven Deadly Sins, Tainted Nation, Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett>>Pete Newdeck>>Tainted Nation, Steve Grimmett, Midnite City – Code Of Silence>>JOHN CLELLAND>>Code Of Silence
K= Taraxacum, Rick Renstrom, Axel Rudi Pell, Mike Terrana, Rough Silk, Shock Machine>>Ferdy Doernberg>>Axel Rudi Pell, Mike Terrana, Rough Silk, Shock Machine - Butterfly Noir, Edge Of Forever, Hardline>>Alessandro Del Vecchio>>Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Jorn, Level10, Silent Force, Dragon’s Cave – Iron Sphere, Epicrenel, Simulacrum, True Cult Club, Adamantra>>CHRISTIAN "CHRISM" PULKKINEN>>Simulacrum, True Cult Club, Adamantra

Formed in 2006, the multinational bad soon signed with German label AFM. Michael Eden was American, Thorsten Köhne and Ferdy Doernberg were Germans, while Doernberg's replacement Alessandro Del Vecchio was Italian. Seven Deadly Sins was a 2008 EP and a former band of Newdeck. The band opened for Stratovarius and Firewind in 2009. Jay Parmar played second guitar on the tour. Parmar was replaced by Marcus Thurston due to financial disagreements. The band appeared at Melodic Rock Fest 2 and Bloodstock Open Air 2009. James LaBrie contributed vocals and backing vocals to Trinity. The band would later open for Dream Theatre. Michael Eden left on unhappy terms and initiated a Eden’s Curse USA. Naturally, the band and AFM were displeased and legal skirmishes ensued. Eden’s Curse USA had its debut at Rock N’ Skull 2014 in that year. In 2012, the band signed a new worldwide record deal with AFM Records. The band was working on its next record. Live With The Curse was recorded in Scotland in 2014. Eden's Curse – Revisited was a CD/DVD on the original album’s tenth anniversary. The group disbanded in 2019, citing a lack of money and personal issues with Logue (“declining record sales and concert attendances"), and duly returned in 2021. Work on a new album also began. Logue was working with James LaBrie of Dream Theatre on the latter man’s solo album.



Eden’s Curse