Hollow Stare - 2006 - Brutallica/Golden Lake

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Mortal Remains>>EMO MANCHEVSKI

Mortal Remains>>MISHO MIHAYLOV



History & Biography
When two former members of Bulgarian doom metal band Mortal Remains decided to form a new band, something Eerie was conjured in Sofia in 2003. The band invested in a drum machine and issued a self-titled EP in 2004. The group signed to the fledgling local magazine/label Brutallica and issued a debut in 2006. This album was distributed by Scotland’s Golden Lake Productions. The duo then disappeared.


Eerie is a Bulgarian band, which is almost as exotic as the band’s compositions. Truth be told, the more one listens to Eerie’s first full-length album the better the whole darned thing sounds, but as of right now only an average mark of 'fifty' is possible given the offbeat nature of the music. Straddling the border of metalworld and whatever lies on the barren other side, Hollow Stare is ostensibly a doom release by a couple of veteran musicians. It shows that the duo is not novices. The advanced riffs, layered compositions, and unfortunately the keyboards, loops, samples and backwards medleys all paint an experienced picture. Sadly, those very same elements make the disc less than appealing for a heavy metal enthusiast. Not that metal things don’t exist here. Speed, heaviness and gruff vocals are aplenty on the record, but they clamour for space amidst the cornucopia of sounds. The singer sounds like Cronos of Venom one moment and a clean rock vocalist another. The lyrics also address complex topics and seemingly follow a progressive path. The music has its moments where the group does Voivod, Danzig or its own thing. As mentioned, it is not easy to classify or review this thing. Bands generally look at that as a mission accomplished. Fans are often less gracious under those circumstances. - Ali “The Metallian”