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History & Biography
EFYD was founded by singer and guitarist Frank and drummer Mark at the end of 2016. The band played a show at The One Live Pub in Cassano d’Adda in July 2017. The band entered the Prosdocimi Recording Studio in Carmignano Di Brenta in December to record a demo called Evil Instinct. Bassist Andrea joined in April 2018. The line-up played at the Light No More Shines Festival in Agrate Brianza in June. The band entered the same studio, to record the second demo in October, which was presented at the Blu Rose Live Pub, in Bresso in December. Andrea left due to musical differences. Luca joined the band as a new bass player in August 2020.

EFYD entered Carlo Meroni’s ADSR Decibel Studio in Busto Arsizio in February 2021 for the recording of its first full-length, Like Shadows. The album was released worldwide by Metal Scrap Records on December 10, 2021. Fernando Arteaga (formerly of Hollow Humanity), EFYD and Fragmentum were touring Eastern Europe to begin 2022.

EFYD stands for Enjoy Fearing Your Death.


The Italian trio's debut full-length is self -described as old school death metal. The band mentions it is reluctant and not giving certainty to partially describe these 10 songs. Suffer-Die-Rot is an opener that is somewhat raw and without frills. The production and sound cannot be characterized as modern and the riffing for example does not really resemble the American or European sounds the band is apparently influenced by. The production and sound are perhaps closer to sounds of another genre or decade than - 90's or otherwise - death metal. However Franco Guadrini's voice is more characteristic of death metal. A comparison to Mayhem's Attila and more so to Bloodbath's Old Nick are close to the mark. The pace generally varies but the songs do not devolve deep into places that a metal album shouldn't. The variations do make it difficult to describe many parts of Like Shadows as death metal. The somewhat loud bass is often a prominent part of Efyd's sound, this is best evidenced on Dementia Process. Devastate Me somehow stands out for being speedier and it is followed up by the closer - Among the Arid Peaks - which like most of the rest of the album changes tempo. The song titles point to a theme for the album with Anger Burn Inside, Fucking Glory and others being one showcase of Efyd's commentary on life and death, as does the band logo that features a noose. The upcoming 'The humans are the error' tour with Fernando Arteaga and Fragmentum adds emphasis to the theme. Perhaps the aforementioned reluctance ties into this as well. Kudos to the band for snatching "Deathmetal2" as their Facebook address. – Anna Tergel