Zerfall - 1998 - Independent
Krebskolonie - 1999 - Independent
Leichenlager - 2000 - Last Episode
Farbenfinsternis - 2001 - Last Episode
Die Garten Des Herrn - 2003 - Napalm
Wundwasser - 2004 - Massacre
Blutbahnen - 2007 - Massacre
Knochenkult - 2008 - Massacre
Bühnenblut - Live In Leipzig - 2009 - Massacre
Schlangensonne - 2010 - Massacre
Rostrot - 2011 - Massacre
Todestage - 2013 - Massacre
Marschmusik - 2015 - Massacre
Fleischfilm - 2017 - Massacre
Fegefeuer - 2018 - Massacre
Leblos - 2020 - Massacre
Grenzgänger - 2023 - Massacre

Eisregen image
Eisblut, Goat Funeral, Panzerkreutz, Roth>>MICHAEL 'BLUTKEHLE' ROTH>>Eisblut, Goat Funeral, Panzerkreutz, Roth

Amenthes, Eisblut>>Michael 'Bursche' Lenz>>Amenthes, Eisblut - Michael Roth

Amenthes, Eisblut>>Michael 'Bursche' Lenz>>Amenthes, Eisblut - Orakel, The Thors, Hardholz>>Michael "Der Hölzer" Brill>>Hardholz, Pyrox - Berg Morbach

Ewigheim, Goat Funeral, Transilvanian Beat Club, Panzerkreutz, Marienbad>>YANTIT [RONNY FIMMEL]>>Ewigheim, Goat Funeral, Transilvanian Beat Club, Panzerkreutz, Marienbad

DF [Daniel Fröbing] - DF [Daniel Fröbing]

History & Biography
Germany's 'ice rain' band was formed in 1995. A demo called Am Ende Des Weges and a single called Fleischhaus were released in 1996. In 2004 the band went into the studio to record a new album called Wundwasser for Massacre Records.

The gothic-tinged metal band had undergone several line-up changes, but keeps releasing a steady diet of music. The band is on Massacre Records, however, so it is like firing a cannon in the void. No one hears it. The band complements its albums with regular EPs. These include self-cover versions. The band's music has been subject to censorship in Germany where censoring art and expression extends beyond Nazi and fascist expressions and into art. Former member Berg Morbach was also an illustrator.

Grenzgänger was exceptionally three years apart from its predecessor and so ended up being a double-CD. The band was booked for Godless Mountain Open Air IV alongside Grabak, Imperium Dekadenz, Corrosive and Depression in 2024.