Earthquake - 1979 - Brain
Firewind - 1981 - Brain
Beyond The Astral Skies - 1984 - EMI

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S= Dawnroad, Scorpions>>ULI JON ROTH>>Solo, Sky Of Avalon

G= Dawnroad, Scorpions>>ULI JON ROTH>>Solo, Sky Of Avalon

B= Dawnroad, Scorpions>>ULI JON ROTH>>Solo, Sky Of Avalon


History & Biography
Former Scorpions guitar master, Uli Jon Roth formed Electric Sun after ditching Scorpions after becoming disenchanted over time with the band (although he later said the music and lyrics to She's A Man, He's A Woman pushed him over the edge). Electric Sun had a number of musicians who were later augmented with known musicians from bands like Samson for the road. Roth later went on take years, if not decades to design a guitar or write an album, and married the widow of Jimi Hendrix - his idol. Electric Sun has the trademark guitar wail of Roth but falters because of his weak vocals. Watch for much jazz and Middle Eastern influence.

Uli, who had been touring and releasing music under his own name, underwent a kidney removal operation in 2023 and cancelled his North American tour of September and October. The tour was slated as part talk and part music. The man had also launched his own imprint, which was called Alpha Experium. It was distributed through Cargo Records. The first order of business was the re-release of the Electric Sun records. The guitarist was planning to play in North America in the next spring.



Electric Sun