Medusa>>Liza-E>>ELIZA>>Liza-E - JAPAN

Something Like Hot – 1988 – Fasten Up
Lovin’ Hittin’ Scratchin’ – 1990 - Fandango

S= Brain Surgery>>Ryugo [Ryugo Ito]
B= Screw Driver>>Hisaki [Hisaki Kagamo]
D= Nobu [Nobuyuki Odera]

Hokkaido-based Eliza was briefly called Medusa in 1983, but changed its monicker perhaps due to the existence of the Osaka-based band of the same name. The band’s founder was bassist Hisaaki. Early drummer was Yoshinobu Okamoto. The band carried on until 1987, regrouped in 1988 and again ceased activities in 1990 when, in fact, most of the Japanese metal bands disbanded. The band returned once in 2004, in another incarnation as Liza-E between 2012 and 2017 and again as Eliza after that.

The band was first heard through the Battle Of A Saint demo of 1984, which featured the song Scorpion. This song was also issued as a single. The local Fasten Up Records issued the Born To Be Wild, To Be Free EP in 1986. The band left the island and toured eastern and western Japan for six shows in March of 1987. Another trek followed in July. The band played with Fast Draw and Saber Tiger, all Hokkaido-based bands. The band’s debut album of 1988 was preceded by the album’s opening track, namely Fast As Lightning, as a single. This did not carry the band far as Dream On Tonite was a 1988 demo. Nevertheless, Fasten Up issued the Chronicle compilation in 1988. Another demo, called Nothing To Lose, featured one song. Another demo, this time self-titled, was released in 1990. The band netted a deal with Fandango/Tokuma, but disbanded as the entire Japanese metal scene collapsed. Still, a video called Fast And Loose with the same cover as the LP was issued in 1990. Sadaya Sakebi, formerly of Saber Tiger, became the singer in 2012. Upon its return the band recorded the From Liza-E To Eliza – Live At Cube Garden Sapporo DVD in 2017. Something Like Hot was the subject of a thirtieth anniversary in 2019. The Battle Field demo was a full-length with a guest contribution from former guitarist Michiru. Original drummer Nobu left in 2018 and was replaced by Sho (Shoichi Tamura) in 2019. Hisaaki became a part-time member and the band drafted bassist Daisuke Fujitani to assist. The act performed in Tokyo for the first time in 32 years.

The band maintained a flamboyant glam image, featured metal melodies that were pleasant to the ears, a warm bass sound, and soaring vocals with a silky smooth singer. Think of the band as an original entity that, if push came to shove, could be compared to Tokyo Blade, Sweden’s Regent, Saber Tiger with the vocals of 44 Magnum. The band, Fast Draw and Saber Tiger were the three prominent Hokkaido metal bands of the ‘80s.