Immortal Stories - 2001 - Cult Classics
War - 2005 - Black Lotus

Elwing image
S= Windfall>>SAKIS KOUTSASIS>>Windfall

G= Windfall>>SAKIS KOUTSASIS>>Windfall - Windfall>>PANAYIOTIS ROUMELIOTIS>>Windfall


D= Windfall>>ALEXIS MANTIRAKIS>>Windfall

History & Biography
Merlin was formed in the winter of 2000 with singer Lois Liotakis and bassist Giorgos Ntagalis, as well as Koutsasis and Mantirakis. Ntagalis left in 2001 and Koutsasis entered the fold. The band changed its name to Elwing and recruited guitarist Panayiotis Roumeliotis at the same time. An independent album called Immortal Stories was the result of the line-up's collaboration. A self-titled demo was issued earlier. Lois left in 2002 and was replaced by Tasos. The new line-up worked on War for two years. The sophomore record was issued by Black Lotus records in the middle of 2005.


This must be one of the better albums released by Black Lotus. Elwing is an above average heavy/power metal band from Greece whose work here is impressive enough to be recommendable in the sea of releases nowadays. The band's two obvious influences are Blind Guardian and Running Wild, yet it never go too far to become a clone. The speedy rhythms and spectacular solos are reminiscent of Germany's Running Wild. The riffs and melodies favour the other German band mentioned. Either way, there is some solid metal to be had here. The album features a cover of a Nemesis song, a ballad called Blood On My Hands and a couple of instrumental tracks. Melody and catchy hooks are in abundance in this War and the lead guitars really shine. Alongside Casus Belli Elwing proves that Greece can compete internationally and harbours bands that do not need to stoop to the usual keyboard-oriented schlock. - Ali "The Metallian"