13 Faces Of Death – 2006 - Patos
Emanations From The Crypt – 2016 – Hells Headbangers
Embalmed Alive – 2019 - Hells Headbangers

Embalmer image
S= Miscarriage>>Rick 'Phlegming' Fleming>>Miscarriage - Duane Morris>>Decrepit, Incantation, Funeral Pyre – Kurnugia>>PAUL GOREFIEND>>Kurnugia

G= Ludaci>>John Jermann>>Blessed Sickness, Sunless Sky, JJ Grim, Festor – Malachai>>Mark Davis – Thou Shalt Not>>Don Wolff>>Thou Shalt Not, Manticore – Mutilation, Dead Of Night, Terror, Decrepit, Nunslaughter, Sanctorum, Incantation, Funeral Pyre>>Duane Morris>>Decrepit, Nunslaughter, Sanctorum, Incantation, Funeral Pyre, Shed The Skin, Kurnugia, Dead Of Night, Terror, Vadiat – Regurgitation, Emaciated Entrails, Dislimb>>Steve Pedley – Sodomized, Pathology, Necrotic Disgorgement, Heinous Killings, Gorgasm, Forged In Gore, Regurgitation, Acts Of Suffering>>BRIAN BAXTER>>Sodomized, Forged In Gore, Regurgitation, Acts Of Suffering - Thou Shalt Not, Manticore>>DON WOLFF>>Thou Shalt Not – Forged In Gore, Limbsplitter>>Dylan Gordon>>Forged In Gore, Limbsplitter, Kurnugia

B= Dave Phillips>>Miscarriage, Blessed Sickness – Nunslaughter, Chimaira, Dislimb>>Rob Lesniak>>Limbsplitter, Nunslaughter, Sodomized, Afterlight, Order 66 - Madness on the Mountaintop>>Joe Wunderle

D= Malachai, Blessed Sickness, JJ Grim>>ROY STEWART>>Blessed Sickness, JJ Grim

History & Biography
These embalmers hailed from Ohio and had a single on Relapse. Earlier, the band was formed in 1989 from the remains of Corpsegrinder and Ludaci and issued the Into The Oven demo in 1991 and Rotting Remains demo in 1995. Singer/bassist Toby Wulff was a founding member, but was out of the band by the time the single arrived in 1995. This was pure death!

The band reformed in 2005. Part of the line-up was several new characters, drummer Roy Stewart, singer Fleming and guitarist John Jermann. Promo 2009 and 2012 followed the 2006 album. Sevared issued the 2012 compilation, The Collection Of Carnage. Next came the Cannibalistic Future 2013 Promo. Embalmed Alive was a studio record. Don Wolff was back for this record, but otherwise every album has a rotating line-up. David Almendinger became the bassist in 2020.