Sweet Chainsaw Melodies - 2003 - Razorback
The World Is A Stage… For Murder – 2005 – No Escape
Unamused Rancid Flesh – 2010 – Power It Up
Reanimated Tomb Contents Live At Sedel – 2016 – Give Praise
Welcome To Violence – 2019 – Bizarre Leprous

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History & Biography
This Swiss grindcore band was originally conceived as a side-project to the death metal act Aeternum. The band's very first recording session was in April of 2000. Another session in April of 2002 resulted in an independent album in the autumn of 2002. Even though the two bands gave mutual gigs, the grindcore act slowly took precedence over things and Aeternum was soon put to rest.

The band's first real breakthrough was via a split 7" EP with Agathocles. Several more EPs followed until in April of 2003 the band entered Schweinesoundstudio (pig sound studio) to record a full-length for Razorback Records.

The band is named after the nickname given by British students to their autopsy rooms. The five-piece amuses many people by using a rotating list of aliases, like W. Rath and Rub Bish, on albums instead of the members' civil names.

The band issued an EP called Hormones From The Dead through No Escape in 2004. Several split releases lead up to The World Is A Stage… For Murder! album. The band issued many splits once again until its next full-length. The band’s Oedipus complex continued with even more split releases like Beat Mum To Death and Mommy Died. Live At Sedel was recorded in 2014.


Razorback Records is synonymous with quality gore and grind and Sweet Chainsaw Melodies is hardly an exception. The album starts badly with (yet another) movie sample - possibly from Texas Chainsaw Massacre - and even a whiff of synthesizers. Thankfully the cliched elements soon give way to pure grindcore a la Machetazo and old Napalm Death and it's off to the races. The quintet does have a brutalizingly powerful sound, yet goes one step further and increases the value proposition with great gimmicks, lyrics and titles. Judging by a lack of the ubiquitous bar code Razorback products are not sold in stores. That is a sure sign of quality. Get this from your favourite mail order distributor and enjoy titles like 4 Brains, One Hand And One Foot In My Luggage, We Ate Daddy, A Leg Is In The Mail and Chatroom For Impalers. - Ali "The Metallian"


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