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Henrik Nygren

André Nylund - Rickard Magnusson - Ola Andersson

Ola Andersson - MIKAEL WIDLOF

Naglfar, Dead Silent, Azure, Darkside Cowboys, Nocturnal Rites, Tired Tree>>MATTIAS HOLMGREN>>Naglfar, Dead Silent, Azure, Darkside Cowboys, Nocturnal Rites, Tired Tree

History & Biography
Five friends form a band in 1992 inspired by the contemporary Swedish death metal wave. The band is called Beyond and features vocalist Henrik Nygren, Guitarists André Nylund and Johan Westerlund, bassist Peter Lundberg and drummer Mattias Holmgren.
The band become Mishrak and records a demo called Of Beauty Found In Deep Caverns. The demo is never released as the band was not fond of the sound. Mattias joins Naglfar long enough to record the Vittra demo, but soon leaves being unsatisfied with the speed metallers' style. Back in the band, and now called Embracing, a new line-up records the Winterburn demo. The demo secures a deal with Germany's Invasion Records and enters Studio Dunkers with Meshuggah's Jens Kidman producing. Magnusson leaves the fold at this point and Andersson switches to guitar. The new bassist is Mikael Widlöf. The band enters studio XL for the second album. While the album is completed, Nygren does not survive the session and is booted from the group. In this period, Invasion Records is bankrupt and the band records two promos, namely Inside You (1998) and Rift (1999).
Holmgren takes some time off to record his project's (Tired Tree - album on Musea Records) album, before returning to Embracing and recording a new demo called The Dragon Reborn in order to secure a new deal.
Embracing played a technical version of doom/death, but has now transformed itself into a progressive act.