Laeh - 1998 - Mastervox
Intense - 1999 - Mastervox
Endless Journey - 2000 - Mastervox
Katharsis - 2002 - Mastervox/Low Frequency
The Last Embrace - 2006 - Verikauha

Embraze image
S= Maple Cross, Creature, Kallista Kakkaa, For My Pain…>>LAURI TUOHIMAA>>For My Pain…, Maple Cross, Haavat

G= Maple Cross, Creature, Kallista Kakkaa, For My Pain…, Charon>>LAURI TUOHIMAA>>For My Pain…, Maple Cross, Charon - J. Markus Regelin>>Haavat - Rooster>>Janne Räsänen>>Rooster, Grinster - Normal Figures>>Olli-Pekka Karvonen - Markus Uusitalo – Maple Cross>>SAMI SIEKKINEN>>Maple Cross

B= Tony Kaisto - Sami Siekkinen - Maple Cross>>OP. KARVONEN>>Haavat

D= Maple Cross>>ILKA LESKELA

K= Eternal Tears Of Sorrow>>HEIDI MAATTA>>Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

History & Biography
Embraze was formed in Kiiminki, Finland circa 1994 by Tuohimaa and Leskela. Kiiminki is a satellite of Oulu. The band released several demos like Allotria in 1995, but gained a measure of popularity only around 1997. At this time the band finished second at the annual RockSM band championships. The band changed its name at this time to avoid confusion with the other Embrace's. Laeh appeared in April of 1998.

Endless Journey appeared in 2000. The year after that the band constructed its own studio in order to better concentrate on the recording process. The band's third album was recorded there with engineer Aki Karpinen.

For My Pain... is a gothic side project featuring members of Nightwish, etc. Three Embraze members also spend time in Maple Cross aside from their multiple other side-projects.

The band voluntarily left Mastervox Records in late 2003 and began seeking a new label. The Finns also recorded a promotional demo. The band celebrated its tenth anniversary with a special show on September 18th, 2004 in Oulu, Finland. The group threw in the towel after 15 years at the beginning of 2009. The group's farewell show was to be held at Club Teatria on May 1, 2009. In 2011 Haavat, was a new Finnish band featuring Lauri Tuohimaa (Charon, ex-Embraze and For My Pain), Janne Regelin (ex-Embraze) and bassist Olli-Pekka Karvonen (ex-Embraze), has a four-song demo.


Metal fans should braze themselves, for in Embraze Finland produces yet another band which incorporates the dizgrazeful instrument called keyboards. What a wazte. - Ali "The Metallian"