Fear Of Reality Exceeds Fantasy - 2008 - Deepsend
Vivid Interpretations Of The Void - 2009 - Deepsend
Reptilian Agenda - 2013 - Deepsend
Heresy Of The Highest Order - 2022 - Unique Leader
Prime Specimens - 2023 - Desidarius

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Lauren Pike - Mummification, Ciribus>>AUSTIN SPENCE

Lauren Pike - Grindstorm, Zero Control, Mummification, Occision>>Adam Weber>>Infex - And All Was Lost, Consumed>>BEN HARRIS>>Consumed

Mummification, Ciribus>>AUSTIN SPENCE


History & Biography
This band is a California grindcore one formed in 2003. A 2003 demo was called Beheaded By Volition. Spain’s Grotesque Productions re-released it in 2006. Johnny Helvete sang on the demo. The band’s debut album was engineered by Decrepit Birth’s Matt Sotelo and mastered by Vile’s Colin Davis. The band was in the final stages of producing its next full-length album, Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void, in late 2009. The follow-up to Fear Of Reality Exceeds Fantasy 2007 debut, Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void was based on the Reptilian Agenda, a theory put forth by British author/reporter/former football player David Icke. "This is basically our whole theme and platform for the new release; the theory that a reptilian race controls our world," elaborated bassist/vocalist Austin Spence. Adam Weber was now on second guitar. The band signed on with Salem Rose Music Publishing for publishing rights in 2010. Embryonic Devourment recorded a full-length album, Reptilian Agenda, for a late 2013 release through Deepsend Records. Guitarist and singer Lauren Pike left in 2014.

The band uploaded a couple of songs and called them Vivid Era Practice Session in 2016. Guitarist Adam Weber left in 2017. After several years of silence Heresy Of The Highest Order of 2022 was on Unique Leader. Prime Specimens was on yet another label. The band was playing live sporadically and opened for Vader, Origin and Inhuman Condition in 2024.



Embryonic Devourment