Early Aisles – 2019 - MSR

S= Firefly, Killer Elite, Demon’s Eye, Dead Eyed Spider>>CHIDA TADAHIKO>>Dead Eyed Spider
G= Moon-Struck, Solo>>MITANI TETSUYA>>Solo
B= Burny Project, Astonishment, Precious, Concerto Moon, Double Dealer, Saber Tiger>>KIMOTO TAKANOBU
D= Crystal Clear, Moon-Struck, Shrieker, Xanadu, Concerto Moon, Blood IV>>OSADA MASAYUKI>>Shrieker, Xanadu, Concerto Moon, Blood IV

This Osaka, Japan-based hard rock band (soon moved to Tokyo) was active between 1998 and 2002 (although the band had been inactive since 2001) and again beginning 2009. The exit was attributed to differences in values and musical taste. Early members were from both Moon-Struck and Concerto Moon. Returning members were guitarist Mitani Tetsuya and drummer Osada Masayuki. Stay In Illusion was a 1998 demo featuring the title track. The band was featured on the Hush! Special Vol. 3 video alongside Blindman, Aphasia and others next. The group released a demo, called Stranger In The Darkness, in 2001. This was it until the 2011 demo, La Strada. 2015 and 2016 brought the Love Is Almighty – Chapter I: Dream Side and Chapter II: Love Side demos through the band’s MSR Music imprint. The band returned to the well to re-record its own music. The self-cover version album was called Early Aisles in 2019.

Ireland is known as the Emerald ‘isle.’ Gary Moore had a video called Emerald Aisle. Several former members continued their musical activities in Crying Machine, Silent Scream, Cyclone and other bands. Mitani’s younger brother is Mitani Kohsaku of Concerto Moon to whom Emerald Aisle is comparable.



Emerald Aisles