Armed For Battle - 1987 - Magdalene

Emerald image
S= Larry Phillips>>Seventh Sign

G= Dave Enos>>Last Daze, Seventh Sign

B= Roger Martin [Roger Martinez]>>Vengeance Rising, Die Happy, Holy Right, Pond Scum, Once Dead - Joe Palma

D= Kyle Morrett>>Sacred Faith

History & Biography
The band was founded by Dave Enos and Larry Phillips in California, USA in 1978. The end arrived in 1988.

Emerald's Armed For Battle is actually a full CD later also released as a split with the band Oracle. Emerald was a California white metal act with similarities to Judas Priest. The band began recording with Roger Martin on bass, but with his departure Joe Palma was recruited to finish the album. Emerald can also be heard on the California Metal II compilation.

Reports emerged that Enos and Martin brought the band back in 2019. The band was booked, alongside the likes of Ruthless, Kantation and others, for Throwback Metal Fest III in California in 2019.