Exorial - 1994 - Lethal
The Heretic - 1996 - Lethal
Anti-Genesis - 1998 - Last Episode
The Blackest Dimensions - 2001 - Last Episode
Eminenz – 2007 - Miriquidi
Diabolical Warfare - 2021 - Northern Silence

Eminenz image
Facehugger, Pentan>>JAN LEVIATHAN>>Facehugger, Pentan

DARKMAN [HEIKO MÜLLER] - Butcher - Sarkophag, Belmez, Opacity>>Zwerg [Karsten Breitung]>>Sarkophag, Belmez, Opacity, Mortal Discipline – BLACK ABYSS [ENRICO LANDROCK]

Andras>>Darkman [Heiko Müller]>>Andras – Ebitalium, Andras>>Black Abyss [Enrico Landrock]>>Andras, PentDragon - MINDWORM - Ebitalium, Andras, PentDragon>>BLACK ABYSS [ENRICO LANDROCK]>>Andras

Iten [Henry Kuhnert] - Heretic - Skilfingar, N R C S S S T, Hatul>>BEALDOR>>Hatul - Herbstnebel, Stormfleed, Ashgarden, Venador, Anheim, Confire>>NORTHEM>>Herbstnebel, Ashgarden, Venador, Anheim, Confire

Eternal Peace>>Benedikt Kern>>Eternal Peace – Carcinoma, Andras, Facehugger, Opacity>>Lorenzo [Falk Lorenz]>>Facehugger, Opacity, Andras - Carcinoma, Andras, Facehugger, Opacity>>LORENZO [FALK LORENZ]>>Opacity

History & Biography
Eminenz is a German black metal band, formed in 1989, whose members were active in different death metal bands. The band supported Mayhem in 1990 of which a video is available today. The band is called an earlier example of German black metal, but has had keyboards in its sound. Multiple demos include Necronomicon Exmortis, Slayer Of My Daughter, Blasphemy-Live, Ghost and Preacher Of Darkness (what? No tape called Kreator of a Cryptopsy with Destruction, Sodom and Iron Maiden Running Wild?). A limited edition LP called Deathfall compiled demo tracks in 2001. Black Abyss switched to guitar in 2006. Two Decades Of Blasphemy was a 2009 compilation. Nemesis Noctura was a 2011 demo.

The band went into a period of silence until 2021 brought a new record. The band had played several concerts and gone through line-up changes in the last decade. Darkman remained on guitar. Black Abyss was on bass and guitar again. Eminenz's Diabolical Warriors Tour of 2023 featured Saxorior and Obtest.