Guilty To Exist – 2004 – Painkiller
Oblivion – 2007 - Agonia
Error – 2012 – Dark Descent
Nothing But The Whole – 2014 - Dark Descent
Not For Music – 2017 – Season Of Mist
Vide – 2020 – Season Of Mist

G= Enthroned>>NERATH DAEMON [NERAATH] [OLIVIER] >>Enthroned – Manic Movement>>Phil P. [Phil Pieters Smith]>>Pineal – PETER VERWIMP
B= Sons Of Jonathas, Hybrid Viscery, Enthroned>>PHORGATH [JEREMY BÉZIER]>>Enthroned
D= Morbid Rites, Enthroned>>Glaurung>>Enthroned – Twan [Antoine]>>Bloodshot – Suicide Of Demons, The End Of All Reason, Bloody Hands, Drakkar, Age Of Torment, Resistance, Dark Sensation, Pro-Pain>>JONAS SANDERS>>Age Of Torment, Resistance, Dark Sensation, Pro-Pain

Emptiness was formed in 1998 in Belgium’s capital, Brussels. A 2000 demo was called Eternal Rising, while 2002 served Necrorgy. Painkiller issued Guilty To Exist in the autumn of 2004. When that shady label disappeared the band had a 2005 demo and jumped to Agonia Records for 2007’s Oblivion. In 2009, Members of Enthroned and Emptiness opened a professional recording studio in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, called Blackout Multimedia.

Dark Descent Records signed Belgium’s Emptiness, which was formed by members of Enthroned, in late 2011. The release was called Error and due in May/June 2012. Error was the band's third full-length and a follow-up to Oblivion, which came out in 2007 on Agonia Records.

In 2015, Season Of Mist signed Belgium’s Emptiness. The Belgian band would release its next full-length on the label in late 2016. Belgium-based dark metal outfit Emptiness had a new full-length entitled Vide. The album was produced by vocalist/bass player Jérémie Bézier.