A Source Of Hollow essence – 2002 – Blackened Moon
The Last Breath Of my Mortal Despair – 2005 – Blackened Moon
The House of Funerary Hymns – 2009 - De Tenebrarum Principio
Etica Profana Negativa – 2014 – Osmose
Vacio – 2018 - Osmose

S= Cryptic Wanderings, Amnion>>DRIZZT>>Cryptic Wanderings, Amnion - Vanth
G= ORGALL – Ataraxy>>Vanth>>Ataraxy
B= Cryptic Wanderings, Amnion>>DRIZZT>>Cryptic Wanderings, Amnion
D= Amnion, Atman>>Damastor>>Atman, Amnion, Black Coma, Inexorable End, Incorporea – LowMist, Dantalion, Witchfyre>>Naemoth [J.M.Villaverde]>>LowMist, Dantalion, Witchfyre, Iron Hunter, Mydgard
K= Vanth

Empty was founded in Northern Spain as a black metal band in 1995. Promo ’99 was the first release before Eternal Cycle Of Decay was issued in the underground in 2001. A Promo later and the band issued a debut album in 2002. Empty and Animus Mortis had a split vinyl release courtesy of Fiery Path Records in 2010. Empty was on stage at the Extreme Devotion Fest in 2010. Naemoth joined for the 2014 album. Etica Profana Negativa was recorded independently before Osmose Productions signed up. Vacio was self-titled given how the word means ‘empty’ in Spanish. Half the band was new as of 2020. Filling the guitar slot was Zahrim and the drum position Khloros. Still, the band announced US shows for 2020 just as he pandemic would end up hitting. Negra Nit and Vertebrae labels had a vinyl reissue of A Source Of Hollow Essence, Empty’s first album, in 2021, which was released 19 years before.

The band has termed itself Negative pessimistic black metal.