Eternal Winds – 2000 – Megahard
A Dream At The Sun – 2006 – Avalon
The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity – 2016 – Power Prog

Endless image
S= Uirapuru, Aquaria, Fionn Legacy>>VITOR VEIGA>>Aquaria, Fionn Legacy

G= Cris Moura - Leandro Monteiro – Psychoneurosis, Glory Opera, Aquaria, Almah>>Gustavo Di Pádua>>Glory Opera, Aquaria, Almah - Aquaria, Target X>>LUCIANO DE SOUZA>>Aquaria, Target X

B= Scars Souls>>Rey Araújo>>Scars Souls - Felipe Ximenes - Scars Souls>>REINALDO ‘REY’ ARAÚJO>>Scars Souls

D= Krystal Tears>>SÉRGIO SANCHEZ>>Krystal Tears

K= Márcio Brito - Rodrigo Carriee - MARCIO BRITO

History & Biography
Violent Sky was the early demo. Having opened for bands like Angra and Stratovarius, Endless is a heavy metal band from Rio De Janeiro. The debut was announced for Rock Brigade but appeared through Megahard. A Dream At The Sun was a concept album.

The band split up following A Dream At The Sun, but regrouped in 2015.