Into The Night - 2008 - Heavy Artillery
Diamonds - 2010 - Earache
Death By Fire - 2013 - Nuclear Blast
From Beyond – 2015 - Nuclear Blast
Live By Fire – 2015 – Nuclear Blast
Zenith – 2019 – Nuclear Blast
Live by Fire II – 2021 – Nuclear Blast

S= Tribulation, Hazard, Hatfulder, Leprosy>>OLOF WIKSTRAND>>Hatfulder
G= Hazard, Tribulation, Repugnant>>Adam Zaars>>Tribulation, Repugnant, Tyrann - Ghaltra, Corrupted, Tribulation, Corrupt, Hatfulder, Leprosy>>OLOF WIKSTRAND>>Corrupt, Hatfulder - Corrupted, Corrupt, Merciless>>Joseph Tholl>>Corrupt, Merciless, Tribulation – Lethal Steel>>JONATHAN NORDWALL
B= Joseph Tholl>>VOJD - Corrupted, Corrupt, Terminal, Tyrann>>TOBIAS LINDQVIST>>Corrupt, Terminal, Tyrann
D= Corrupted, Corrupt, Stålbritta>>JONAS WIKSTRAND>>Corrupt, Stålbritta

Swedish band Enforcer issued a 2013 single called Mesmerized By Fire. Enforcer would release an album, Death By Fire, on February 1st through Nuclear Blast Records. The band was formed as a one-man project of Olof Wikstrand in 2004. Its 2005 demo was called Evil Attacker. Diamonds had a Japanese motif covering part of the lyrics. Tholl was on bass for 2007 and 2008. Part of the Live By Fire DVD and CD was also taped in Japan. The group issued two split releases with Volture and Bullet respectively in 2010 and 2011. 1000 Years of Darkness was a limited edition cassette EP in 2019 and only available at the Zenith album release show. Live By Fire II was recorded in Mexico in 2019.

Members also shared a band in Corrupt and Corrupted.