Pest>>Organ Trails>>ENOID - SWITZERLAND

Livssyklus – 2006 - Rotten Vomit
Dodssyklus – 2007 – None More Black
My Hate For This World – 2008 - Wulfrune Worxxx
Ataraxiis – 2009 -
The New World Murder – 2013 - BergStolz
Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments -2016 – Black Plague


S= Pest, Organ Trails, Krigar, Gerbophilia, Cakewet, Borgne, Haine, Pure, Kawir, Ravnkald, Cryfemal>>ORMENOS [SERGIO MOPLAT]>>Borgne, Haine, Pure, Ravnkald, Cakewet, Cryfemal


This Lausanne-based solo act was formed in 2005 although its roots date back to Pest in 1996. A Swiss Rotten Vomit signed the band and a debut was issued in 2006. The band was on Canada’s NMB next. The Third album was on a third label. The band returned with a couple of EPs. The fourth album was on a fourth label. It took four years, but the fifth album was on a fifth label. Mortuus Caelum, Enoid and Dizziness had a 2014 split. The Swiss black metal band Enoid set May 5th for the next release Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments, which would be out through Black Plague Records. It would be the band’s sixth label. Livssyklus & Dodssyklus was a 2017 compilation of the band’s earliest releases.


Bornyhake has been around the underground for two decades plus and obviously paid his dues six hundred and sixty six times over. Livssyklus & Dodssyklus is the clever title for the re-release of the act’s first two albums from a decade ago on one CD - minus an intro and a cover version – and it is mostly high-quality brutal black metal. The weakness of the ‘life and death cycles’ here is the pathetic drum machine, but admittedly the man/band has done a good job of making the darned machine less irritating than usual. It does become quite irritating on a track like Trom, but be that as it may one has heard far worse. The shrieks and growls that are the vocals, the tremolo riffing, the velocity and grim image make these high contenders and a good package to pick up. The language of the songs and their titles is not something mere mortals would understand, unless one can read both backwards and French, and strangely the man credits himself for drums on the CD’s liner notes, but fans of supreme malevolence and bands like Tsjuder, 1349 and Dark Funeral have no reason to hesitate with this. It is a solo act, and the skulls of the three long killed members are on the cover, but do not be put off. Go for it. The disc does. – Ali “The Metallian”