Dreamworker - 2002 - Metal Mind
Aura Sense - 2004 - Metal Mind

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G= Cenotaph, Azarath>>MR. D [Dlugi]- Demise>>MR. OZZ>>Demise - Dar Semai, Immemorial>>Mr. Verymetal>>Dar Semai - Lunar Ad Noctum>>Mr. Blasphemo>>Lunar Ad Noctum - ZENEK - SEB-OFF
B= Cenotaph, Azarath>>Mr. D - Demise>>Mr. Ozz>>Demise - Lunar Ad Noctum>>Mr. Blasphemo>>Lunar Ad Noctum - B.Low
D= Moon, Demise, Damnation>>MR. L. RAMBO>>Demise, Damnation
Fx= Aural Planet>>Mr. Raiden>>Aural Planet

Enter Chaos was formed in January, 2002 initially as a side project to members of Polish metal bands Devilyn, Dar Semai, Behemoth, Trauma, Demise, former Immemorial's female singer Marta Meger and Raiden of the ambient band Aural Planet. The goal was to combine death metal with more melodic influences.
The initial line-up was Marta on vocals, D. (Azarath, ex-Cenotaph) on guitar, Verymetal (Dar Semai) on guitar, Bony (Devilyn) on guitar, Havoc (Behemoth) on guitar, Mister (Trauma) on guitar, Novy (Devilyn, Behemoth, Dies Irae) on bass, L.Rambo (Demise, Damnation, ex-Moon) on drums and Raiden in charge of the programming. It was decided that each guitarist had to compose two or three songs.
In February the band signed with the domestic Metal Mind Productions. The line-up was soon altered though as several members had committed plans with their main bands. New musicians joined the line-up. These were Ozz (Demise) and Blasphemo (Luna Ad Noctum) on guitar. Simultaneously, Enter Chaos became a full-time band.
Enter Chaos recorded tits debut album Dreamworker at studio Hertz with Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawscy (Decapitated, Dies Irae, Trauma, Witchamster, Azarath). The album also featured a cover of At The Gates' Cold. The cover was created by Graal (Behemoth, Theory In Practice, Mutant, Grief Of Emerald, etc).
The album was released in August of 2002. CD-Maximum licensed the CD for the Russian market. Marta gave birth only one month later.
It was announced that Lady Martex will be a part of book Females In Extreme Music written by Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy. Meanwhile, guitarist Blasphemo quit the band and was replaced by ex-Prophecy and NYIA guitarist Szymon. The new member was also a producer at the Polish Studio Selani.
The Poles recorded Aura Sense in late 2003 and oversaw its release for early 2004. The line-up was Martex (throat), L. Rambo (drums), Zenek, Seb-off and Ozz (guitars) and B. Low on bass.
It was reported in late 2004 that the band is working on its third album tentatively entitled Chaosville. The band had booked Studio X once again and would start recording the album in February, 2005 with Szymon Czech as producer. In a twist to the story, Martha and the band made the announcement in April, 2005 that the band has decided to leave Metal Mind. According to the band, "...Because they didn't pay for our studio and they don't answer e-mails or phone calls for last few months. It's a stupid situation because we have all the music, material and cover art for a third album and are waiting...Metal Mind is acting childish. We are slowly dying on this label, that's why we decided to make a radical cut. Aside from this our latest album Aura Sense had awful promotion or more likely we say it didn't have any promotion. Right now we are thinking about recording a few new songs in Studio X and looking for a new label." The band also recruited new bassist, Michal, previously of Lapidarium and Carnivorous.


Enter Chaos' songs are amazingly precocious in spite of the band having been formed less than a year ago. The talented and mature nature of the compositions is an indication of the advancement of the heavy metal scene as a whole. Featuring five guitarists, three bassists and several guest musicians on the record, Enter Chaos is comprised of members of other Polish bands like Devilyn, Dies Irae and Behemoth. Most of these musicians have either already left the band to concentrate on their main bands or have now moved on to Enter Chaos exclusively. It is of interest to note, if readers will indulge me a tangent, how many Scandinavian bands are marketed as metal and turn out to be nothing more than either warmed-over Depeche Mode clones or poser K&F bands. Then one comes across Enter Chaos, whose label describes them by using adjectives such as melodic and psychedelic, which then manages to crush with a compelling repertoire. Speaking of Sweden, Enter Chaos has many elements of a Dark Tranquillity (before they wimped out) or Arch Enemy. The production is not world-class, but the melodic guitars are played with incredible talent. In fact some of the quirkier parts are reminiscent of Crypt Of Kerberos no less. Soaking in the axework on the song Chaos will easily impress most listeners. Furthermore, and like Arch Enemy, the growler behind the microphone is a female whose voice could easily fool the listener. Marta Meger growls her lungs out and to good effect. Yet the biggest praise goes to L. Rambo on drums. His work is both varied and powerful. Oft when a drummer abandons the straight beat in favour of more adventurous patterns, he ends up losing much of his power. That clearly is not the case on Dreamworker. All in all, Dreamworker is strongly recommended to fans of melodic and varied death metal. Were it not for another redundant cover version, some background keyboards and a slightly weak sound the album would have been nigh on perfect - Ali "The Metallian"

Enter Chaos is a sensational band. Formed only one year ago, the Polish metal group's debut album Dreamworker landed atop of the heap at Metallian Towers last December winning the Album Of The Month title. Enter Chaos has justified both their name and their album title. It was only a matter of time then for Ali "The Metallian" to get a hold of frontwoman Marta a.k.a. Martex in order to find out more about the "young band with a long biography." 30.12.2002

MARTEX: That's right, we are a young band with a long biography! But in short, the band was founded in January 2002 by members of other well known Polish bands such as Azarath, Devilyn, Dar Semai, Behemoth, Trauma, Demise, Aural Planet and I, ex-Immemorial's female singer. In February 2002, Enter Chaos signed a deal with the biggest Polish label Metal Mind Productions. In April 2002, the line-up changed due to various reasons including touring commitments and recording sessions of the members' main bands. New musicians joined the line-up from Demise and Luna Ad Noctum. At that time, Enter Chaos became a regular band. In May 2002, we recorded the debut album Dreamworker in ten days at the best Polish studio namely Hertz with Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawscy who have worked with Decapitated, Dies Irae, Trauma and others. The album was released in late August of 2002 in Poland by Metal Mind and in November in Russia - under licence by CD-Maximum.
After Dreamworker's completion our session drummer L.Rambo, bassist B.Low and guitarist Ozz went to the USA with their second band Demise. They returned in late November. In the meanwhile, guitarist Blasphemo quit the band and was replaced by ex-Prophecy and current NYIA and Third Degree guitarist Szymon. The new member is also a producer at Studio Selani. Now we are working on the second album and searching for a new label or thinking about extending our contract with Metal Mind. Beside this we have planned a tour for March with a regular five-piece line-up.

METALLIAN: As a clarification, what will the sophomore effort's line-up be?
MARTEX: The Line-up for our second album will be L. Rambo on drums, Ozz D. and Verymetal on guitars, B. Low on bass and I will be the throat. Szymon will only be a session guitarist - according to his wishes. He has lots of work and plays in many others bands , but he will nevertheless write two or three tracks for us. I can't tell you about any others session musicians, because I am not sure as of now who will participate.

METALLIAN: Martex, take us a step back. Who founded the band and how serious an entity is it?
MARTEX: The band was my idea. I wanted to sing on after leaving my old band . I asked some friends about the possibility of creating a new band and they agreed. They wanted to try something new with members of other bands. Our will sufficed.
Most of us still play in our main bands. L.Rambo, Ozz and B.Low recorded the third Demise album in November with James Murphy in the USA. Our guitarist D. is preparing to record with his band Azarath. Raiden (programming) plays some gigs with the ambient-trance band Aural Planet and as far as I know has received invitations from others countries to play there. Our newest member Szymon is doing something with his bands Nyia and Third Degree, and of course is still recording bands at Selani Studio. I think that Dar Semai, with whom Verymetal played, is dead now. So he is drinking beer and playing the guitar for fun. I am busy with my little son Filip, but I also intend to create a new side-project with Raiden, Nocti - the guy who recorded some keyboards for Dreamworker - and Verymetal. It will be more electronic, like for example Pain, Deathstars or Diablerie.

METALLIAN: How did you get into heavy metal in the first place and, perhaps, more importantly, What happened with your aforementioned previous band Immemorial?
MARTEX: I started listening to metal while attending high school. It was almost ten years ago. My first band was Immemorial, which as I remember was formed in 1997. I recorded two albums with them called Ius Primae Noctis and Monologue. The debut album was a typical black metal one with keyboards and I also did some clean vocals. That album was never released due to a problem with the label. The second album was more death metal-oriented and was in fact Immemorial's first official CD. I left this band in November of 2001 for two reasons: the childish attitude of my band-mates and the label's amateurism. I didn't like it when the label was telling me what I should be doing. Later, in September 2001 I did guest vocals for black metal band Luna Ad Noctum for their debut album. As of now I have Enter Chaos and, as I said above, I am thinking about a new side-project with my friends.

METALLIAN: Can you be more specific? What do you mean by childish attitudes and furthermore what was the label dictating to you?
MARTEX: The band members pissed me off with their infantile attitude towards the band and a lack of respect for others. In those few years I lost lots of money, time and temper trying to promote the band and when the contract and problems with the label appeared they chose to behave like lambs for Conquer Records.
Additionally their jokes were not funny to me, like when they told me to come to a fictitious concert - 500 kms away - just to 'check me out.' There were plenty of such situations, but now I am reading in interviews that it was me who turned out to be a 'wicked traitor.' Of course, it is easier to run somebody down than admit that one has a retarded mind. Speaking of labels, they are a really small label, but they wanted to control everything. They turned the band against me when I said that I did not agree with some of the label's actions. That was a sick band and a sick label (sighs).

METALLIAN: Who came up with the name Enter Chaos and what does it signify?
MARTEX: It was my husband's idea. It was taken from the Edge Of Sanity song of the same name. My husband also suggested a couple of others names for my band, but I chose Enter Chaos because I thought the name fits the band perfectly. You know, it's hard to manage a band of eight members who live in different cities and play in many bands. It's slightly chaotic (laughs).

METALLIAN: Is your husband involved with music?
MARTEX: My husband doesn't play in a band and isn't a musician. He prefers to listen to the music - it is more simple that way (laughs knowingly)! I must admit that he is a great fan of Swedish metal and has a huge collection of CDs. He works as an editor for a big computer games magazine.

METALLIAN: Martex, let us delve into the album. Why don't you expand on the album's music and lyrics? What were the conscious intentions of the members with the album?
MARTEX: The title Dreamworker stems from my mind. In my opinion it denotes 'the man who realizes his own dreams through work.' We can probably say that the idea of that title is connected to our debut album. I had a dream to create a strong, varied album and I hope that I have succeeded. It sufficed to put a lot of work and devotion into it and everything ended happily!
Lyrically I admit that I don't like to talk about lyrics. I prefer it when everyone acquaints himself with them personally and interprets them however he wants to. Nevertheless I have to point out that the lyrics do not form a concept album. The only thing that might link them is the fact that they are all about serious topics, especially connected with life matters. They can concern or be of some interest to any metal maniac. What is interesting is that they are all written for the specific purposes of the accompanied music. After listening to a piece I experience various emotions and visions, which I committed to paper.
I think that the best definition for our music is a combination Swedish and American death metal with ambient parts. This is probably our advantage: that we are playing unpredictably. At one point we are close to In Flames, and then close to Death or even Immolation. Our music is addressed to fans of all kinds of death metal.

METALLIAN: Is Enter Chaos a side-project or a priority band for the members?
MARTEX: For Verymetal and I it is a priority band now. For the other members it is a second band, but not a side-project.

METALLIAN: The one disappointing factor whirling within Enter Chaos is the presence of a keyboardist/effects person. Why have him?
MARTEX: Uff this isn't an easy question. First of all, we used effects in our songs and it was done by programmer Raiden. In the middle of several tracks we used keyboards a little bit. This stuff was done by our session keyboardist Nocti. About the effects I wanted to use some samples among and in the middle of the songs because I like diverse music. I didn't want to make an electronic album however. When we were mixing the album we noticed that some parts require an instrument like the keyboard. We did them together with the samples at Raiden's house. I know that we could have done it better, but we didn't have time for it.

METALLIAN: Often bands with keyboardists see the person's role increase with subsequent albums. How will this be within the context of Enter Chaos?
MARTEX: We will always play death metal and if we use keyboards, then it will be just for the background. I can play more keyboards or electronic stuff, but not in Enter Chaos. We will probably use a Hammond organ on the second album, but restricted to two or three songs only. For this I have invited Henri Sorvali from Moonsorrow and Finntroll and he has agreed to help us.

METALLIAN: Thank you for touching on your second album. Can you at this point talk about when it can be expected and its sound compared to the debut?
MARTEX: Well, I think that our new album will be released in November or early December 2003. I will be better-informed when we have signed a new contract. I am sure that we want to have a much better sound, but I can't yet tell you much about the music. You know, we're only now composing new material. The working-title for our second album may be Aura Sense and tentative song titles are Dilated Perception and ART-work.

METALLIAN: Speaking of the studio, your biography makes a lot out of the studio Dreamworker was recorded at. The sound though, while adequate, is not spectacular.
MARTEX: It's simple, first and foremost is that we did not have a sufficient budget and couldn't spend too many hours in the studio - we recorded in a hurry. Hertz, where we recorded, is the best Polish studio for the minimal price. The equipment there is good, but isn't the best. Studios abroad are much better. The producers are the best advantage to this studio. Slawek and Wojtek have been learning their profession in the USA for a couple of years and it has given results. They treat each group individually and the work proceeds without any conflicts. Regarding Enter Chaos, we were determined not to sound like a typical Polish band which is a good thing, I suppose. Anyway, we need more time in studio next time and we will dedicate more time to mixing and mastering.

METALLIAN: I understand that you are a new mother. How will your motherhood affect your band membership?
MARTEX: Yes, I have a three-month old son named Filip. He is a little devil who steals all my time now (laughs), but he is growing up very quickly. I don't think that my motherhood will interfere with Enter Chaos. I still do interviews and negotiate a new contract with the label. I think that we will record a new album in late August or September.

METALLIAN: Furthermore, is it true that you are one of the subjects of an up-coming book? If so, please give our readers some details.
MARTEX: I can't tell you much, because I don't know too much about this book. It will be called Females In Extreme Music though. Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy wants to release it in mid-2003. As Angela said, 'This book will be written by women for women, based on hard facts, tips and interviews. There will be no gossip and pin up posters.' In addition to an interview with me, readers will find interviews with Doro, Jo Bench, Sabina Classen, The Great Kat and many more.

METALLIAN: Since we are on the topic, why don't you address the topics of females in metal? It is obvious that the presence of a girl in a band can have a popularizing influence. Do you think this is to the detriment of the music i.e. it can take attention away from the actual musical output?
MARTEX: I think that wise listeners of the music will focus their attention to the musical content. A good presence by the female member is merely a nice supplement. Look at Arch Enemy or Sinister, Angela and Rachel are only one excellent instrument in their respective bands. The most important thing is the artistic value of the music.

Enter Chaos