ENTHRALMENT>>Corpsegod>>Corpsefucking Art - ITALY

Enthralment image
S= MAX [MAX VARANI]>>Degenerhate

G= Gravestone>>ANDREA [ANDREA CIPOLLA]>>Gravestone, Bomberos, Morbo, Nuclear Wargod

B= Desecration>>FABIO [FABIO FRASCHINI]>>Desecration, D-Form, H.I.V., Degenerhate, Riti Occulti, Novembre

D= Sepolcrum>>MARCO [MARCO DE PASCALE]>>Sepolcrum, Metal Carter, Truceklan

History & Biography
This death metal act was formed in 1994 in Rome and had a different name at the beginning. A demo called Eulogy Of Burning Christ was recorded which showcased the band's Immolation/Incantation influence. Italy's Cryptic Soul Production released a 7" called Accursed In Divinity by the act. Changing names Corpsegod released a MCD through Torture Records called Opinion About Sorrow.

A limited edition tape, called Accursed In Divinity 1993​-​1994, compiled the band's output in 2022. This was pressed by Unholy Domain Records.

Andrea would manage Despise The Sun Records later. Drummer Marco was in Metal Carter, which ironically was rapping.