Tales From The Morgue - 2010 - F.D.A. Rekotz
The Tomb Awaits - 2011 - F.D.A. Rekotz
Raging Death - 2013 - Metal Blade

Entrails image
S= Lelldorin, Skogen, Birdflesh, Devilry>>JOAKIM SVENSSON>>Skogen, Birdflesh, Devilry
G= BLOOD SPILL [JIMMY LUNDQVIST] - Deformed, Mindcollapse, Skogen>>Mathias Nilsson>>Skogen
B= Lelldorin, Skogen, Birdflesh, Devilry>>JOAKIM SVENSSON>>Skogen, Birdflesh, Devilry
D= Sayyadina, Dethronement, General Surgery, Birdflesh, Overdeth>>ANDREAS 'ADDE' MITROULIS>>General Surgery, Birdflesh, Overdeth

One of the two death metal Entrails out of the Kingdom of Sweden (this group hails from the southern town of Växjö), Entrails was formed in 1990 (note the Entombed rip-off logo), before soon disappearing. The band was reborn with new members with the Reborn demo in 2008 before issuing the 2009 Human Decay demo. The addition of Adde Mitroulis meant an end to the use of the drum machine.

Entrails’ The Tomb Awaits was out on September 9th, 2011 through Dark Descent Records in North America and on FDA in Europe. Swedish death metallers Entrails signed a deal with Metal Blade Records for 2012. A record was due that year. In 2014, Swedish death metal band Entrails would issue Resurrected From The Grave - Demo Collection, an eighteen-track compilation featuring the band's Reborn and Human Decay demos. Penki of Void was now on second guitar.

The band being Swedish the majority of members strive to be in as many bands as possible.