The Treasures Within Hearts - 1999 - Spikefarm
Gone - 2001 - Spikefarm
Time Of Despair - 2002 - Spikefarm
Dieversity - 2004 - Century Media
Fatal Design - 2006 - Spinefarm
Painstained - 2008 - Spinefarm

S= Panu Willman>>Before The Dawn - Shamrain>>MIIKA TAURIAINEN>>Shamrain
G= Panu Willman>>Before The Dawn – Tuoni>>TOM MIKKOLA>>Tuoni - Tuoni>>JAANI KÄHKÖNEN>>Tuoni
D= Tuoni>>AKI HANTTU>>Tuoni
K= Riitta Heikkonen

The band was founded with Mikkola on vocals and guitars and in order to play death metal. This Finnish act has chosen a typically Finnish sound with keyboards. Riitta Heikkonen joined the band in February 1998. The band's demo of 1997 was named Divine Infinity and featured four songs two of which were on the debut CD. In April of 2000 Willman left the band. Willman was replaced with with Miika Tauriainen. The Finns were also joined by a new bassist called Jani Miettinen. 2001 saw the band appear on the Beauty In Darkness vol.5 compilation. In January of 2002 the act entered the studio to record a second album. Time Of Despair appeared in May 2002.

Dieversity was issued in 2004 in Europe and in 2005 through Magick Records in North America. The band also issued a MCD called Silver in 2005. The group lost Riitta Heikkonen in late 2006 after eight years of services following a disenchantment with the band and keyboards. The Finns picked Painstained as the title for its next album, which was out on January 14th through Spinefarm Records. Fire from a gas heater burnt down the band’s tour bus in April of 2009 causing approximately 50,000 Euros in damages and destroying the band’s equipment. Entwine released its first-ever sampler, Rough N' Stripped, on June 23rd, 2010 through Spinefarm Records. The compilation was to be a double album.


Yet another Finnish anthropologist's wet dream: every band from this foul quasi-country invariably features a band member's talentless girlfriend either on keyboards or opera vocals, a short-haired male Depeche Mode groupie and a glut of piano wanking - derivative beyond belief. - Ali "The Metallian"

This is further proof of the humiliation of metal. Here at Metallian Towers we are all heavy metal fans and consequently acquired Entwine's album which purported to be metal. In Fact, these wimps have fallen off the gothic tree - enough said. - Ali "The Metallian"

Entwine’s new album is yet another exercise in goth-rock desolation, albeit with such a mega-dose of pop flavoured daftness that the band ends up a contradiction of itself. The Finns have, in fact, picked up the pace and aside from serious nods to fellow Finns like Sentenced are full of near-chart happy hummable tunes. The problem is the fatal design of the ho-hum and mundane pop characteristics which render the music instantly forgettable. Suffering through a song like My Serenity is no different than being exposed to the music emanating from one’s younger sister’s room. This is not music that is meant to last. It is the sound of goth depressed vestige masquerading at the wrong party. - Ali “The Metallian”