Epsylon - 1985 - Devil's
Second Round - 1989 - Krezimikroid

Epsylon image
S= Franck Roumeir – Yugg’s>>FELICE CARBONE

G= FRED ROCHETTE>>Fred FR, Fifty Ones, La Source - ERIC “SOURIS” BROCHARD>>Rosy

B= Phillippe Haudidier – Orphee>>HERVE SARTHOU

D= Eric Shertzinger – Yugg’s>>XAVE RUSSELL


History & Biography
Silver was founded at school by Rochette in 1979 before changing its name in 1982. Epsylon was a French hard rock band in the midst of the eighties French metal boom. Three demos preceded the debut album. The group ventured into Germany for a concert, guitarist Alain Quenoy left in 1983 and would later be heard in Fahrenheit. Philippe Haudidier left to return to Belgium in 1987. The band had two albums and split up after 10 years. The band sang in French on the debut, but in tandem with the arrival of singer Carbone switched to English for the second record. Also arriving from the band Yugg’s was drummer Russell. As is usual, the second record was a wimp-out compared to the first and the band had added a keyboardist. With no promotion or activity for the second record, and how metal fans shun pianos, bankruptcy called and the act went away in 1990.

Rochette attempted a solo career before attempting a production career.