Turis Fratyr - 2005 - Black Attakk
Sagas - 2008 - Nuclear Blast
Rekreatur - 2010 - Nuclear Blast
Erdentempel – 2014 – Nuclear Blast
Armageddon – 2016 - Nuclear Blast
Renegades – 2019 – Nuclear Blast

Equilibrium image
Reign Of Decay, Arafel>>Helge Stang>>Reign Of Decay, Arafel, Wolves Den - Vrankenvorde>>Robert "Robse" Dahn>>Vrankenvorde, Solo

SpiRitual>>RENÉ BERTHIAUME>>SpiRitual - Andreas Völkl – Wolfchant, Nothgard>>DOM CRAY>> Wolfchant, Nothgard

Sandra Völkl – Dysterwald, Deathtruction, Suidakra, Arath>>Makki [Marcus Riewaldt]>>Arath - Zerozonic, Trollfest, Okular, Blood Red Throne, Third Invention>>SKAR [MARTIN BERGER ENERSTVEDT]>>Third Invention

Ferra Saeva>>Markus Perschke>>Ferra Saeva - Manuel Di Camillo>>Wolves Den - Krampus, Viscera Trail>>TUVAL "HATI" REFAELI>>Viscera Trail, Krampus


History & Biography
Born in 2001 in the state of Bayern, Equilibrium issued a Demo 2003. The band soon signed with Black Attakk, despite its folklore flavour, and issued the debut album featuring many demo songs. The group joined Sycronomica, Illegimitation and Human Bloodfeast for the Blasting Bavaria mini-tour in November of 2004. Several drummers (including Henning Stein and Julius Koblitzek) and keyboardists came and went and despite having a penchant for synthesizers, a permanent member ended up not being part of the main band. Guitar player Rene Berthiaume would also take care of the band’s keyboards. With the advent of the 'folk metal' trend, the group signed on with Nuclear Blast and issued its sophomore album in July of 2008. The band toured with Legion Of The Damned, Obituary and Keep Of Kalessin in 2009. Equilibrium lost vocalist Helge Stang and drummer Manuel Di Camillo in the winter of 2010. The band missed its show at the Winterfire Festival in February. Vocalist Robse of Vrankenvorde was immediately added. In March of 2010 German pagan metal band Equilibrium announced singer Robse as its new frontman. Robse was the replacement for Helge Stang who had left the band recently. Equilibrium was recording its third studio album soon. The band had also recruited Israeli drummer called Hati. The Germans were recording a new album, called ReKreatur, for a 2010 release. Makki became the band's roadie and tour manager before taking over the bass five years later. To start 2013, drummer Hati Refaeli of Equilibrium joined the Italian metal band Krampus. The Völkls left in 2014. Martin Berger Enerstvedt and Skadi Rosehurst joined in time for Renegades.

Robse left in 2022 in favour of his own solo act, which garnered a contract with Reaper Entertainment. He was due to release a solo record in 2024 after recruiting two final Depravity members. Fabi of Cauterized was the new vocalist here. The band was booked for Rock Harz festival 2023 and Mosh'n'May Festival and 70.000 Tons of Metal 2024. Former band singer Robse, in the meantime, was back with his eponymous act in 2024. The debut album Harlekin & Krieger was released through Reaper Entertainment on 16.08.2024.


Talk of Bavaria, the Black Forest and German folklore adorn Equilibrium’s bio which contains the self-description of 'black-tinged pagan/folk metal'. True to words Prolog Auf Erden switches between folk sounds and speedy raw black metal. Wurzelbert starts off with grand keyboards then jumps into melodic German metal and vocals that nudge it into a black metal sound. Blut Im Auge is a carbon copy of the previous song. Unbesiegt has a Caribbean beat to it and barring the vocals is not much more than a commercial high tempo (heavy metal) song. Verrat is more like it, speedy at times and heavy at other times it nevertheless doesn’t fully escape the clutches of the extras. Snufeel is somewhat more ordinary again and is even hard rock sounding at times. Heimwarts is back to sounding like the earlier songs. Heiderauche is a haunting intermission or instrumental but the presence of a flute hardly helps in the metal sense. Die Weide Und Der Fluss is more folk and epic than anything else. Des Sangers Fluch is a slower moving version of the song before it. Ruf In Den Wind pushes the band into being repetitively boring. By the time Dammerung starts Sagas is almost an hour old and it doesn’t help it much. To top it off or one might say to add insult to injury the band close the album with the 16 minute instrumental Mana. Equilibrium features a female bassist but the band is certainly no German Boltthtower. - Anna Tergel