Punishment Of Souls - 2007 - Sinister Sounds
By The Serpent And The Will (For Those Who Chose Not To Serve, But To Rule And To Conquer) - 2011 - Guttural
Ritos Abominables - 2015 - Guttural

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Antaro, Witch Of The Dark, Aberrante>>GRIEF [FELIPE LIÑAN CAMARGO]>>Antaro, Aberrante, Filthgrave

Omen - A. Predator - Antaro, Ruins Of Christendom>>STIGMA [RICHARD SAENZ]>>Ruins Of Christendom, Pagan Deity

Spirit Of The Deep Waters, Abatuar, Aberrante>>CADAVER [JOSÉ MIGUEL QUINTERO]>>Spirit Of The Deep Waters, Abatuar, Aberrante, Tumba, Christ Snacks, Horrendo, Estrangulación Fecal

History & Biography
Equinoxio, which hailed from Panama City in Panama, was formed by Cadaver and singer Mannaz in 2004. Grief soon joined as a guitarist and the band issued a demo called Predominance Of The Unholy in 2005 without Mannaz who had already left. The black metal group recorded a full-length album at New Sound Studio (with Oman on bass) in 2006, which was issued a year later through Sinister Sounds. A couple of demo tracks were also included. The band played a show in California in July of 2007 called Summoning The War Legions festival.

A Capitis Damnare and Equinoxio split 7” single followed at the beginning of 2009. It was called Songs Of Desecration And Impurity/Wolves...Then Men… and was released by Necromancer Records of Germany. The band travelled to Brazil to record a demo in 2009. This was eventually released by Guttural Records of Mexico in 2011. It was called By The Serpent And The Will (For Those Who Chose Not To Serve, But To Rule And To Conquer). A. Predator was on bass on this release. Guttural issued a split CD for the band with Morbid Funeral in 2012. This led to Ritos Abominables in 2015. This one had Stigma, who was also formerly of Antaro, on bass.

The band threw in the towel in 2016. Grief had moved to Norway and was a part of Filthgrave.


Does anyone recall the Unisound bands Equinox and The Equinox Ov The Gods? Unfortunately for the bands, they were advertised simultaneously by their Greek label circa 1996 on the same pages and copy. Neither band went anywhere and is almost forgotten. Ten years later comes Equinoxio from Panama. The exotic locale has not dampened or hampered the group’s black metal onslaught released through Canada’s Sinister Sounds, a label that has already gained a reputation for issuing uncompromising black metal. This is not your sister’s Cradle Of Filth, Old Man’s Child or Dimmu Borgir. This is black metal in the complete sense of the description.
Aside from several intros and instrumental medleys which do nothing but waste time the band goes for the throat with an inverted cross and a sharp pentagram. With the sound merely average, it is left up to the band to supply all the anger and wrath in the world and it does just that. The rhythm and gargled vocals fly at 666kph and one can easily imagine this stuff to maim live. Several songs end as abruptly as they begin, which is probably an Equinoxio hallmark. Unfortunately, for that, one has to either fly to Panama or hang out with Baphomet. Unfortunately for the band, other black metallers have made assertions like “We Shall Dig The Grave Of God” or “Pagan Supremacy” years ago and God, Jesus and his followers have never dominated this planet as they do today. - Ali “The Metallian”