By Honour – 2008 – I Hate
The End- 2010 – Napalm
Gastrike – 2012 – Napalm
Fire Meets Ice – 2013 – Cyclone Empire
Nattramn – 2015 – Cyclone Empire
Blot · Ilt · Taut – 2016 – Cyclone Empire
Ulfven – 2017 – Hammerheart
Järtecken – 2019 - Hammerheart
Vargtimman – 2022 - Napalm

Ereb Altor image
Forlorn, Withered Beauty, Theory In Practice, Februari 93>>RAGNAR [DANIEL BRYNTSE]>>Februari 93 - MATS [CRISTER OLSSON]

Withered Beauty, Isole>>RAGNAR [DANIEL BRYNTSE]>>Isole – Forlorn, Isole>>MATS [CRISTER OLSSON]>>Isole

Februari 93, Morannon>>Ragnar [Daniel Bryntse]>>Morannon - Mats [Crister Olsson] – Mortellez, Machine, Zodiac Ciphers, Skulldrain, Undivine>>Mikael [Kristofer Elemyr]>>Skulldrain, Undivine

Forlorn, Morannon>>Ragnar [Daniel Bryntse]>>Morannon - Mats [Crister Olsson] – Withered Beauty, Undivine, Julie Laughs Nomore, Isole, Undivine>>TORD [JONAS LINDSTRÖM]>>Undivine, Julie Laughs Nomore, Isole, Undivine


History & Biography
Initially formed as a side-project to Isole by Christer Olsson and Daniel Bryntse, the band has forged a path to Viking lands in its own right. The band issued a demo called Awakening in 2003. Gastrike added drummer Tord. The band toured with Forgotten Tomb and Isole and left Napalm Records in 2013. The band also played at Party.San Open Air in 2013. The group toured with Borknagar, Månegarm, In Vain and Shade Empire and was booked at Summer Breeze Open Air in 2014. Mikael joined for Nattramn. The group was booked at Jalometalli and performed a set of Bathory songs on the second day. The group also hit Spain and Greece. A performance at House Of Metal in 2016 had the band open for the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Asphyx and Vintersorg. The band played at Wacken in 2017. Eldens Boning was a 2021 EP. Vargtimman was on Napalm records in January 2022. Bassist Mikael left after eight years in the band in 2022. Björn of Isole, who had been a guest member of the act before, took over for concerts. A tour dubbed Rites Of The Blood Moon Tour was cancelled due to rising costs and low advance ticket sales. Other acts that were due to participate were Lucifer's Child, Waldgeflüster and Äera. The group appeared at Franticfest, Fimbul Festival and travelled to Greece for the Demons Gate Festival. The band announced it would open a concert for Grimner in Sweden in 2023. Bassist Kristofer Elemyr, who had departed earlier in the year, died in December 2022. In advance of its appearance at Graspop, Ereb Altor uploaded a song called Midvinter in 2024.

The band’s monicker is inspired by a supplement to a Swedish RPG called Dragons And Demons. The act has become known as one of the foremost ‘epic metal’ acts inspired by Bathory, a sub-genre containing acts like Tyr and Crom.



Ereb Altor