Mortal Agony - 1988 - We Bite
Thoughts - 1990 - We Bite
III - 1993 - We Bite
Down - 1996 - We Bite

Erosion image
S= Chris Zenk>>Caput - Schwanensee>>Chris Zenk>>Schwanensee, Caput - Daniel Geiger>>Smoke Blow

G= Ulf Kaiser>>Volkswiderstand, OHL - Scrambled Eggs, Boxxon Coxcomb, Omicidio, Richthofen>>Michael Hankel>>Omicidio, Richthofen, Holy Moses - STEFAN ROMHILD>>Ohl, Warpath, Richthofen - Boris Drager

B= Jan Bunning>>Asmodis, Paragon - Rainer Wischnewski - PETER EWALDT>>Schwanensee


History & Biography
Erosion is a German crossover band that became increasingly relevant to metal fans as time progressed. Line up changes were aplenty and the band's history goes back to 1987 when Zenk, Nowakowski, Kaiser and Romhild got together as Black Laws. Bringing bassist Bünning aboard the imperial ship, the line-up was complete. The band changed its moniker, recorded a demo called Way Of Force and signed to We Bite for four albums. Kaiser disembarked after Mortal Agony and with Michael Hankel enlisted into the fold the band set out to support Ludichrist. Bünning leaves after the tour and Wischnewski records the second outing. Wischnewski takes off to Australia in 1991 and Ewaldt joins the gang. III is quite heavy and the band tours again. Chris and Peter take off to the considerably mellower Schwanensee, Hankel leaves and the band invites new singer Daniel Geiger and guitarist Boris Drager in. Although Down is no downer, the band decides to leave Erosion in peace following further disarray internally. The band reunited in 2001 for several shows but things don't last for Zenk, Hankel and Romhild. The band reunites again In 2001 the band was working with Emils members Carstens (bass) and Zisowsky (drums) and is playing shows and writing songs. Erosion finally split up in 2003. The band can be heard on several samplers like Dies Ist Hamburg Nicht Boston (This is Hamburg not Boston), Hamburg 88 and We Bite sampler.