Жан-Гернеза>>E.S.T. - RUSSIA

Electro Shock Therapy - 1990 - Destiny
Проба пера - 1991 - Alien
Live In Moscow Outskirts - 1992 - Mausoleum
13 - 1995 - Polygram
Терапия для души - 1998 - Polygram
Живая коллекция - 1998 - Союз
Злой рок - 2003 - Jetnoise
Подъёмъ! - 2005 - Moroz

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Анч>>Zhan Sagadeev>>Анч

Marat Mikaelyan>>Анч - Vasily Biloshitsky>>Чёрный Обелиск, Собаки Табака - Zhan Sagadeev - Leonid "Leopold" Istomin

Zhan Sagadeev - Д.И.В., Adolf Castle, Чёрный Обелиск, Trizna, Рок Синдром>>Daniil Zakharenkov>>Д.И.В., Adolf Castle, Чёрный Обелиск, Trizna, Рок Синдром, Артерия, GlossyTeria

Хопо>>Mikhail Sagal - Д.И.В., Blaze Bomber, Дай, Crownear, Агония>>Sergey "Bludny" Podrezenko>>Агония

History & Biography
Moscow's E.S.T. (Electro Shock Therapy) was once Russia's most successful hard rock act selling close to half a million records overall. The act was founded in 1988, but existed under another name (Жан-Гернеза or Zhan-Gerneza, which was the combination of the members' names) for three years prior. Taste Of The Knife was engineered by Kruiz guitarist Valery Gaina. The band signed to a German label and even opened the Monsters Of Rock On The Barricade Festival for AC/DC, Metallica, The Black Crowes and others in 1991. Живая коллекция was a live album. While the demand was great in Russia, Western audiences were not as receptive and things faded. The band disbanded in 2009. Zhan Sagadeev, who had switched to guitar from bass, had committed suicide.

The reformation came in 2012. Чёрная гвардія followed in 2013. It was a demo. The older members and newer members wrangled in the legal system and the newer members were forced to abandon the name and become Чёрная Гвардия, which was the last release's title. The band featured early members Vasily Biloshitsky (bass), Andrey Gerneza (vocals/guitar), Marat Mikaelyan (vocals/guitar) and drummer Mikhail Sagal now.

The mainly hard rock band has incorporated Russian folk melodies over the years as well.