Shema Israel - 1997 - Codimuc
Papyrus - 1999 - Scarlet
The Gate - 2001 - Encore
Terra Nova - 2002 - Encore
Epiphany – 2004 – Encore
Live! – 2006 – Die Hard

Eterna image
S= Alexandre Emanuel – Aquaria>>Leandro Cacoilo>>Aquaria, Age One, Seventh Seal, Endust, Viper, Caravellus


B= Alexandre Emanuel - Jason Freitas>>Sancti

D= Ceremonya>>Danilo Lopes>>Ceremonya – Paulo Henrique

K= Douglas Codonho – Evora>>Rafael Agostino>>Armored Dawn, Ravenland, Medjay

History & Biography
Eterna, a white metal band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was first heard of by the general public through 1997's Shema Israel album. The band was formed a year earlier as Refugio when several friends undergoing treatment at a Christian drug abuse centre decided to form a band! A demo called Alguem Fundamental was recorded in 1996. The band quickly established its hard rock/heavy metal sound. After a few line-up changes (Paulo Frade's sisters were members), Eterna was singer/bassist Alexandre Emanuel, guitarist Paulo Frade and drummer Danilo Lopes.

Papyrus was licensed for Europe by Scarlet and Terra Nova for America by Crash. The latter appeared in 2003.

Live! was both an album and a video. Turning Back was the name of a 2011 demo. Another demo was 2014’s Spiritus Dei. The band went quiet, but jammed occasionally. Lopes had left and returned.