Eternal Retribution>>ETERNAL - FRANCE

The Berserk's Legions Defiance – 2009 – Obscure Domain

Eternal image
S= Crystalium>>MATTH PETITJEAN>>Crystalium

G= Neraeon, Crystalium>>VINCE>>Neraeon, Crystalium

B= Hysteria>>THIB [THIBAULT FONTAINE]>>Hysteria

D= Himinbjorg, Aorlhac, Hysteria>>XAV [XAVIER CHAUTARD]>>Himinbjorg, Aorlhac, Hysteria

History & Biography
Eternal was formed by guitarist Vince, drummer Xav, bassist Thib and singer Matth in the winter of 2001. Matth was also the bassist for Crystalium. Thib was also in Hysteria and Xav was a member of Himinbjorg. The band entered the studio in November, 2003 in order to record four songs and surprisingly only played for the first time in June of 2004 as a support for Vader. The recording also garnered the band a deal with Canada's upstart Sinister Sounds which issued the Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age MCD at the beginning of 2005.


Eternal is a three-year old band whose only product thus far is the MCD at hand. The French band has a complex history and lineage with ties to bands like Crystalium, Himinbjorg, Hate Supremacy and others and three things consequently attracted my attention. First, was the band's ties to NSBM, but the lyrics seem exclusively combative and in praise of Satan. Second, was the band's French origin which does not disappoint. France has yielded the world's best death metal bands in the last several years and Eternal is another feather in the country's infernal cap. Third was the connection to Himinbjorg, a band whose reputation dwarfs its talent. Fortunately, Eternal does not suffer the affliction. The band's music pulsates with tempo of death and hatred, while the vocalist bellows his venom-spiked enmity upon friend and Christian alike. There are only four songs, - Fanatic Desire, End Of The Usurper's Reign, Hardened In The Tears Of Their Will and The War Dog's Mortal Ballet - but those are already more hits than this machine gun needed to spill blood. Think Diabolic, think Centurion, think Eternal. - Ali "The Metallian"