The Armor Of Ire - 2015 – No Remorse
Ravening Iron – 2020 – Sword Worship/No Remorse

S= Graven Rite, Iron Age>> JASON TARPEY>>Graven Rite, Iron Age
G= Hammerwhore, Cruxiter, Funeral Ash>>Carlos Llanas>>Hammerwhore, Cruxiter, Funeral Ash – Power Trip>>BLAKE IBANEZ>>Power Trip - Sumerlands, War Hungry>>NUJON POWERS>>Sumerlands, War Hungry
B= Power Trip, Stone Dagger>>ARTHUR RIZK>>Power trip, Stone Dagger – Sumerlands, War Hungry, Stone Dagger>>BRAD RAUB>>Sumerlands, War Hungry, Stone Dagger
K= Sumerlands>>Arthur Rizk>>Sumerlands – John Powers

Eternal Champion came together in Texas in 2012 and had a 2013 demo called The Last King Of Pictdom. The group was the brainchild of singer Tarpey, bassist Sean Weingartner and Gregg Higgins of Venomous Maximus. This was later issued as a 7” EP. The group opened for Manilla Road in 2013. This was its first show. No Remorse Records issued a split of the band with Canada-based Gatekeeper in 2015. The same label issued the band’s debut record, but the band kept uploading tracks of its own in the years that followed. The record featured three guitarists. Sumerlands' debut live performance was to be held at Union Pool in Brooklyn, New York in October 2016. Opening was Eternal Champion, Crypt Sermon and Chain. The group played the Keep It True festival. The band was co-Headlining the Legions Of Metal Festival.

The band’s monicker is inspired by the fiction of Michael Moorcock. The group’s line-up is regularly in flux. Singer Tarpey is also an author and has a novel called The Godblade.



Eternal Champion