Positive Rage - 2004 - Cruz Del Sur
Under The Sign Of Will - 2007 – Thundering
Diminished Reality, Elegies And Mysteries – 2011 - YesterRock
Retrofuture – 2017 – Massacre
SurVive – 2021 - Metalopolis

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Dream Child>>GERARD FOIS

Gerard Fois - Christophe Offredi - Chris Stollen - Julien Bouvier>>Cover My Sigh - Jérôme Fischer – DarkRise>>THIBAUD DUCROT>>DarkRise

Nicolas Jeanpierre>>Inner Visions - Sceau De L'Ange>>Adrien Zoni - CÉDRIC NGUYEN

Alkemyst>>Arnaud Gorbaty>>Alkemyst, Further Dimension - Alexandre Stellini - THIBAUD PONTHET

Sebastien Vibert>>Legendsea - Gérard Fois

History & Biography
Eternal Flight was formed in 2001 after the forced departure of singer Gerard Fois from Dream Child. Fois at first envisioned forming a cover band with Offredi, but quickly changed course. The band's name was already a Dream Child song (from that band's debut) and even some of the new band's music was already written for Dream Child. A demo is recorded in June, 2002. The band featured Arnaud Gorbaty who was the drummer for Alkemyst. The demo landed the band a deal with Italy's Cruz del Sur Music and the French band entered its own studio in early 2004. The debut was released in October, 2004. The band inked a deal with Thundering/Manitou in 2007 for the release of its second album, Under The Sign Of Will. The record was due in November. Nightmare Records would issue this in America. Diminished Reality, Elegies And Mysteries came with a wholesale line-up change. Only Fois was left standing. The same thing happened with Retrofuture, which came six years after its predecessor. The 2011 album featured guest drummer Ricardo Confessori of Angra and Shaman. The band, Circle II Circle and Nightmare toured in 2013. SurVive was on yet another new label for the band. A Grenoble, France slated for April was postponed to October.


Formed by former Dream Child singer Gerard Fois, who released two albums, France's Eternal Flight is a band for fans of Nevermore, Threshold and obviously Dream Child. Taking the name of a Dream Child song, some of the music here was originally meant for that band and is now being made available on this three-song demo CD. Beyond (The Golden Gates) is akin to Nevermore. It is faster and heavier and wanders into speed metal territory. Back Into The Light (Renaissance) is keyboard-oriented and consequently a let down compared to Beyond... It is pompous. The pace is slower and the kick drums sound like they were sampled. Guardians is a mid-paced song with a nice chugging rhythm only affected by the annoyingly light weight snare sound.
Fois hits very high notes vocally throughout the demo. He is perhaps a bit higher than he needs to be coming across like a Geoff Tate on overdrive. The overall sound is good, except for the annoyingly light-sounding snare. The tunes are long which means the three songs and one intro last twenty minutes. All in all, albeit in need of modifications, Eternal Flight is a professional demo from a band ready for a record deal. Please either write to eternalflight@ifrance or send €8 or $10 Cdn to BP 259, 74007 Annecy Cedex France - Ali "The Metallian"

Eternal Flight is a young band featuring Gerard Fois of Dream Child prominence. Positive Rage is the French heavy metal band's first album and let us emphasize that style given how the album's name might give some the impression that this is a hardcore band. On the other hand, the cover is pure heavy metal and moreover reminiscent of Primal Fear.
The music here is a mixture of Queensrÿche, Sanctuary and Dream Theater. Fois has tempered his high notes just a tad and sounds more like Nevermore than Ripper Owens or Geoff Tate and the band gets a lot of room to strut its stuff. Most of the songs on the album were obviously not on the band's two-year old demo, but there isn't much of a difference stylistically between the releases. Heavy/progressive metal fans who appreciate high-pitched vocals and a keyboard presence will like this. Even excluding a spoken segment called Prelude, this album features more than sixty minutes of music to check out. - Ali "The Metallian"


Eternal Flight