Through The Eyes Of Hatred - 2000 - Pulverised
Righteous - 2002 - Greater Art
Wither - 2005 - Black Lodge

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S= Joni Mäensivu

G= Faceshift>>PETRI TARVAINEN>>Faceshift - Mörk Gryning, Hypocrite>>PETER NAGY>>Mörk Gryning, Hypocrite

B= Peter Wendin


K= Par Almquist - Nailstate>>Stefan Norgren>>Nailstate, Faceshift

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1991. A demo called Art Of Darkness was issued in 1993. After a 1996 EP called So Silent, 1999 produced a full-length for this slow to mid-paced sextet. The band asked singer Joni Mäensivu to leave the line-up in 2006. Apparently, the act was looking for vocals, which were less extreme. Timo Hovinen would become the band’s singer, but the group would throw in the towel at the beginning of 2007 ostensibly because the members had lost interest in death metal. They would form Faceshift, which specialized in goth rock.

After five years of absence, Eternal Oath reunited in 2012. The Eternal Oath line-up was Joni Mäensivu on vocals, Peter Nagy-Eklof (ex-Mörk Gryning) and Petri Tarvainen on guitar, Ted Jonsson on drums with Mika Kajanen (Godphobia) on bass and Johan Adler (Devan) on keyboards. The band planned to record an album next year. The reunited Eternal Oath picked Ghostlands as the title for its demo, which was due in May, 2013. The demo was recorded at Fear And Loathing studios in Stockholm with producer Jocke Skog.



Eternal Oath